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Watching Damon Wayans perform is an overwhelmingly hilarious experience. He is so delightful in his antics and wits that you simply can't avoid rolling in the aisles in blissful laughter. So if you want to watch the delightful comedian perform live; be sure to book your tickets online in advance.

Damon Wayans was born on 4th September in the year 1960 in the New York City area in New York. His was born to Howell and Elvira Wayans. From his early childhood days his humorous antics were noticeable. He had a brief stint with Saturday Night Live where he was a featured performer. However he got fired for incidentally playing his character in form of a flamboyant gay cop while he was suppose to play the role of a straight cop. After this he went on to work with the TV-show titled In Living Color from the year 1990 to the year 1992. He was also a part of the talented team that was continuously nominated for Emmy Awards for three years. Next he produced the cartoon show Waynehead, which was a cartoon series for the WB. It was loosely based upon experiences of his own childhood and about growing up in a large extended family. It starred a poor boy who even had a clubfoot.
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From the year 2001 until the year 2005, Wayans successfully starred in the popular ABC sitcom titled My Wife and Kids. This show made him a household name in the US. The success of the show was huge and it also became popular in many countries like UK and India. His charismatic character called Michael Kyle happens to be a father of three kids and the famous show is widely recognized for his highly sarcastic form of comedy. Damon has also starred in many major films some of which include "The Last Boy Scout", the blockbuster "Major Payne" and the critically acclaimed The Great White Hype. Damon also successfully wrote and also acted in the film Blankman. In early 1999 saw the release of the New York Times bestselling book titled Bootleg. It was a mind-boggling humorous compilation of his witty observations about family, raising children, dealing with marriage, and politics. This book also was popular with critics for its sheer quality.

Damon married his long time fiancée Lisa Thorner; however they got divorced in 2000. He has four children. Damon also is known for making cameo appearances. He appears prominently in Janet Jackson's famous video titled "The Best Things …."

Damon is renowned for his live performances and amount of fun filled energy he brings to his shows. So do get your tickets early and get your friends along to enjoy a boisterous fun filled evening.
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