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As one of most refreshingly new bands; Daggermouth has been impressing audiences and critics alike with their distinctive blend of music. Their tours have received huge success and fans eagerly await their next performance. Daggermouth is creating waves across the music world and their fame is spreading like wildfire. So if you wish to check out this remarkable band; do remember to book your tickets online in advance.

Hailing from suburbs of Vancouver in Canada, the irresistible Daggermouth are known to suitably combine effervescent melody with the remarkable frenetic pace of pure hardcore akin to famous bands like "The Movielife" and even have similarities "Saves the Day". Daggermouth is often categorized as a punk pop or hardcore band however their music has a wide range of subtle styles which makes it difficult to categorize them. The band was formed in mid of 2004 under the visionary guidance of its front man Stuart McKillop. Besides Stuart who incidentally composes the tracks; it is compromised of Dana who does the bass, Kenny Lush on guitars, and the talented Nick Pickle who is the lead singer.
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After they got their powerful start thanks due to their distinctive style in the local underground scene they soon went ahead to record a demo compilation and started playing live shows. After the released of their much appreciated demo which incidentally was also well reviewed the music critics; the band was noticed and very quickly they landed their very first show with Moneen. After this performance; came a series of popular shows with famous bands like SNFU and DOA. They slowly but eventually worked their music down to the shores of States and started playing widely attended shows mainly around the Washington area. Thereafter they have since successfully toured the West Coast more than three times and have managed to release their remarkable debut record Stallone. This compilation has also become quite popular with their fans and the record is flying off the shelves at an amazing pace.

During their live shows Daggermouth is known to give a blistering performance filled with melodic energy. Daggermouth currently have US tours in the works, and a European tour is on the cards and they also have as dedicated fan following that's growing at a very rapid pace everyday. Their infectious melodies along with their raw energy are making them hugely popular at an astounding pace. There shows have drawn huge crowds wherever they have performed. Their fans travel across long distances to watch them perform. Their shows are very popular with the younger audiences and the excitement they among the crowd is quite palpable to say the least. So do remember to get your tickets early and bring along your friends to enjoy some scintillating music.
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