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Raymond Ayala, also known as Daddy Yankee and sometimes El Cangri ('The Boss') was born (born February 3, 1976 in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico) is a reggaeton singer.
Mr. Ayala's current fame comes from the hit song "Gasolina", published in his 2004 album, titled "Barrio Fino". The album has sold over 1,000,000 copies alone in Puerto Rico and many in the United States. Mr. Ayala has appeared on over 50 albums other than his own, including "Más Flow" and "Blin Blin Vol. 1". Raymond Ayala is famous for recording songs in both English and Spanish, although currently, Mr. Ayala is focusing more prominently on Spanish art.

Mr. Ayala was first involved in music in a local scene in the early 1990s alongside Playero DJ, himself a pioneer of reggaton music. Ayala has also performed with Nicky Jam and more recently Luny Tunes, DJ Blass, DJ Eric, Eliel, Nas at Madison Square Garden, recorded with DJ Tony Touch and many others. Mr. Ayala will be starting his first American and Latin America reggaton music tour starting on August 27th 2005.
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Born Raymond Ayala on February 3, 1977, in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Daddy Yankee was no stranger to success when "Gasolina" catapulted him to international fame in 2004. Initially influenced by both salsa and hip-hop, he'd been working his way to the top of the reggaeton scene for a few years beforehand, winning awards along the way and racking up impressive sales numbers given his market. Billed as the King of Improvisation, Daddy Yankee made his way into the Latin music industry through his affiliation with Playero (a fairly successful DJ/producer in the late '90s and early 2000s) and eventually made his recording debut on the One Tough Cop soundtrack in 1998 ("Posición," a collaboration with Alberto Stylee). Yankee's album debut came in 2000 with El Cartel de Yankee, followed by a second volume a year later, which in turn led to El (2002) and Los Homerun-es (2003). These two latter albums were released by Yankee on his own VI Music label, and Los Homerun-es became the biggest-selling album in Puerto Rico, setting the stage well for the eventual crossover success of Barrio Fino (2004).

With the major-label backing of Universal, Barrio Fino became the first reggaeton album to debut at number one on the Billboard chart, where it hovered for weeks and weeks on end (off and on, it retained its number one spot on the stateside Latin album chart throughout 2004 and far into 2005 — spending roughly a year atop the chart!). The omnipresence of "Gasolina" no doubt helped drive the sales of Barrio Fino, as the song crossed over into numerous markets, arguably becoming the token reggaeton song among people with only a passing knowledge of the music style. Yankee continued on with his steady output, as both the live album Ahora Le Toca al Cangri! Live and a reissue of Los Homerun-es were released in March 2005, which further insured his lasting presence on the Latin music scene.
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