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Dada formed in America, showcases all the elements of clear pop music with soft melodies and strong lyrics. The band has been given the title of the Police of the 90's by the media. They gained their popularity instantly after the release of their first debut album" Puzzle". This album was an updated version of the guitar pop which police pioneered in the beginning years of 80's. This album got popularity across the country. There was a different feel in the trio's pop music, which proved to be an added advantage for the pop music listeners.

The group all the more became well-known amongst the audiences with the release of the hit single "Dizz Knee Land". This hit song gained them huge public attention tremendously, while selling a considerable number of records across the country. Dada's second album "American Highway Flower" was released in the year 1994, which didn't turn on well on the top music charts of America.
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"El Subliminoso" which was released in the year 1996 also proved to be unsuccessful. The group reappeared again with their fourth release two years after the release of their second album.


Puzzle (1992)
Live: Official Bootleg Vol. 1 (2003)
How To Be Found (2004)
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