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Rap music has been getting increasingly popular throughout the world and one singer who has contributed substantially to this is Da Brat. She incidentally was the first solo female rap performer to go platinum. Generally seen performing in her trademark attire of baggy cargo pants, a baseball cap placed backwards and a prominent nose stud also made her a style icon with her fans. So if you wish watch this charismatic artist live; do remember to book your tickets online in advance.

Da Brat was born as Shawntae Harris on 14th April, 1974 in the city of Chicago, Illinois.
She became a hugely successful act during the 1990's and her videos were aired on every major music channel. She garnered huge chart success in 1994 with her remarkable single and video interestingly entitled "Funkdafied". During this time she also featured appearances along with other rappers and reputed R&B singers' albums apart from her own solo work. In the mid 1996 she contributed a delightful rhyme to the popular hip hop remix of Mariah Carey's super hit titled "Always Be My Baby". Again during the summer of 1997, she made an appearance on a remix of Lil Kim's video "Not Tonight". That year also saw her prominently featured on the "Sock It 2 Me" number, a track on Missy Elliott's remarkable debut album, which incidentally became a very popular single in the year 1998. She also performed in a track titled "Ghetto love" featuring the irresistible T-boz of TLC. This remarkable song & video was also well received and circulated in heavy rotation for a considerable period of time.
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In early 1999, Da Brat also appeared, alongside Krayzie Bone, on the remix of the famous Mariah Carey's cover of the Brenda K. Starr's number titled "I Still Believe". She incidentally also appeared as an artist in a guest appearance with Missy Elliott on Carey's famous remix of "Heartbreaker". Then in early 2000, Da Brat went on to release her third complete full-length album titled "Unrestricted" which also produced the quite successful singles like "That's What I'm Looking For". Around this time she changed her gangsta rap image to a much more sensual style. Her newer videos reflect this change. This change was also well appreciated by her fans. In the year 2001, Brat continued her long trend of being continuously featured on other albums artist's remixes, and made prominent appearance which included Mariah Carey's " Loverboy" remix and the popular Destiny's Child's "Survivor" remix.

Da Brat still continues to draw huge crowds and her shows are eagerly awaited. If you wish to catch Da Brat live do get your tickets early and enjoy some really funky rap music.
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