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Curtis Stigers –The American Jazz musician is an extremely talented musician and has performed with great musicians like Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Elton John to name a few. He writes his own songs and is a gifted guitarist, saxophonist and vocalist. He has been continuously working at his music and songwriting skills and the end product is spectacular.He has a contract with the prestigious Concord Records.

He released his first album in the year 1992 on Arista Records titled "Curtis Stigers". This self titled album was his claim to fame and success. His next album followed in the year 1995 titled "Time Was". "Baby Plays Around" was released in 2001 on Concord Records followed by "Secret Heart" in 2002.The success of his albums saw a huge list of fans getting added to his fan list. His live shows have his fans asking for more as they seem to never get enough of him inspite of listening and watching him for hours together. His very presence was enough to create an electrifying atmosphere during his live concerts.
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His songs like "I Wonder why", "You're all that matters to me" to name a few were big hits.The year 2003 saw the release of yet another successful album titled "You Inspire Me", followed by his latest album "I think it's going to rain today". The album was released on Concord Records. The live performances by Curtis Stigers is a highly entertaining and energetic show which is an experience in itself. One must be a part of the show to actually enjoy the experience as words would not suffice to explain the feel. The charismatic personality of Curtis Stigers only adds to the magic created. He has been successful in developing a distinct style of his own and impressing his fans everytime he is on stage or has released a new album.

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