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The Culture Club is a popular English pop group comprising of the talented team of Boy George , Roy Hay –the guitarist and keyboardist, Mikey Craig the bassist and Jon Moss the drummer. They released their first album in 1982 titled "Kissing to be clever". Their single "Do you really want to hurt me" was a hit all over. Their other songs like "I'll tumble 4 Ya", "Time(Clock of the heart)" to name a few were big hits and with this the group had made a place for themselves in the world of music. The group gained in popularity and this added to their list of fans. Their live shows was a power packed show with the crowd going crazy over the music of the Culture Club. Boy George especially became an idol to reckon with for the youth.

They released their second album in the year 1983 titled "Colour by Numbers" which was a runaway hit. They were listed among the top ten on the US and UK charts. The band was a hit wherever they went and had a huge fan following. Their live shows were big hits and any concert by them was a great crowd puller. Their third album followed in the year 1984 and was called "Waking up with the house on fire" .The song "The war song" from the album was a big hit. They released their next album in 1986 titled "From luxury to Heartache". The band then split due to internal tensions and went their separate ways.
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The year 1998 saw the band come together putting all their differences aside. Their reunion started on a positive note and lady luck was once again on their side. The Culture Club is back with a bang. Their live shows promise to be better than before and are a must watch for all you Culture Club fans. They are here to recreate their earlier magic and entertain you with their music which is a class apart.

The culture club concert tickets are available at just the click of the mouse. Book your tickets now to be their with your heroes and be a part of the musical evening which would definitely be a memorable experience. Hurry !!! Don't miss the spectacular performance put up by your music heroes.
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