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Crystal Castles is the Electronic dance duo of Ethan Kath and Alice Glass. Originally a solo project of Kath's in Ontario in 2003, he discovered Glass in 2004 while she was singing for a noise-punk band. Kath deemed her the missing element and asked her to try and match vocals to his compositions. The result has been the same of Crystal Castles tickets and albums.

The band name comes from a line from She-Ra, the 1985 cartoon that tried to capitalize on the success of He-Man by giving him a sisterly equal. Specifically, Crystal Castles is her fortress in the sky.

The band is not a couple of swashbuckling heroes from another planet with swords of immense power. No, Crystal Castles is group specializing in electronic dance music that has been described as nothing less than a dimension-twisting, emotional-vortex of sound by those enamored with the group and pointless, maddening drivel by those who abhor them. There seems to be no in between though.

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Crystal Castles has toured the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia, specializing in music festivals. They have also released two eponymous albums, their debut in 2007 and their sophomore album, dubbed Crystal Castles II, in 2010. The sophomore album has made a measurable impact on mainstream music in America, breaking into the Billboard 200.

Whether or not Crystal Castles becomes a mainstay or simply a musical fad with a cult following is yet to be known, but tickets will sell this summer for a number of festival and club dates to see this dance duo live.

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