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The Cryptopsy is a technical death metal band which had its origin in Montreal, Canada in the year 1988. The band includes the talented team of Lord Worm the vocalist alongwith Alex Auburn the guitarist, Christian Donaldson the guitarist, Eric Langlois the bassist and Flo Mounier the drummer.

The band was started by the drummer Mike Atkin ,the guitarist Steve Thibault and the singer Lord Worm called 'Necrosis'. It was later renamed 'Cryptopsy' in the year 1992.The composition of the band has undergone a change from its inception to now with several replacements having taken place. They have produced great death metal music in the different combinations that existed. They have a cult following and their fans are totally crazy about their music.

Their debut album was released in the year 1994 titled 'Blasphemy'. The release of this album added to their already existing huge fan list. Their live shows are power packed performances of authentic death metal music which is in a class of its own. Their fans wait for hours to just get a glimpse of their favourite heroes and try not to miss out on any of the releases or live shows. Distances and money are not an obstacle for the Cryptopsy fans and they travel far and wide to hear and see their stars.

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May 20 Sat 7:00 PM Cryptopsy Webster Theater
Hartford, CT
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May 21 Sun 7:00 PM Cryptopsy Saint Vitus
Brooklyn, NY
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May 23 Tue 6:00 PM Cryptopsy Hard Luck Bar
Toronto, ONT
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May 24 Wed 5:15 PM Cryptopsy Reverb - PA
Reading, PA
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May 26 Fri 6:00 PM Cryptopsy New Brookland Tavern
West Columbia, SC
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May 27 Sat 6:30 PM Cryptopsy Hell Stage at Masquerade - GA
Atlanta, GA
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May 30 Tue 6:00 PM Cryptopsy Scout Bar - Houston
Houston, TX
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May 31 Wed 6:15 PM Cryptopsy Grizzly Hall
Austin, TX
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Jun 4 Sun 6:30 PM Cryptopsy Live in the Atrium at The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA
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Jun 5 Mon 6:30 PM Cryptopsy Studio Seven
Seattle, WA
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Jun 6 Tue 7:00 PM Cryptopsy Metro Music Hall
Salt Lake City, UT
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Jun 7 Wed 6:00 PM Cryptopsy The Roxy Theatre - Denver
Denver, CO
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Jun 8 Thu 7:00 PM Cryptopsy Riot Room
Kansas City, MO
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Jun 9 Fri 6:00 PM Cryptopsy Wire - IL
Berwyn, IL
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Jun 10 Sat 5:00 PM Cryptopsy Oddbody's
Dayton, OH
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The changes in the band members kept taking place but the quality of music that Cryptopsy delivered has remained consistent and they have always kept their fans happy. They released the album 'None so Vile' in the year 1996.This only improved their image and standing in the world of death metal as this album was superior to the earlier ones in every way.
The vocalist Mike Disalvo joined the band in 1997 to replace Lord Worm. His style was more favoured by the hardcore death metal fans. Their next album was released in 1998 titled 'Whisper Supremacy' on Century Media. They received a standing ovation to all their live performances and Crytopsy continued to travel on the path of success. Their next release was in the year 2000 titled 'And Then You'll Beg'.

In 2001 Mike Disalvo was replaced by Martin LaCroix who was French speaking and could not go on with the band for very long and was soon replaced by their earlier vocalist Lord Worm. The band released yet another album 'Once was not'.The Cryptopsy concert is a great opportunity to be with your stars. The tickets are made available online. Book Now!!!

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