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Based in South Carolina, Crossfade signed to Earshot records in 2002 and released their self-titled major label debut in 2004. The record established them as a refreshingly heavy alternative metal band adept at incorporating lots of melody and not averse to tossing in some hip-hop here and there. In 2004 they released a second album, White On Blue.

Hard rock/heavy metal band Crossfade is based in Columbia, SC, where its members reside. The group came together in the late 1990s with the merging of singer/guitarist Ed Sloan with bassist/backup singer Mitch James and drummer Brian Geiger as the power trio the Nothing. Sloan, a Columbia native, had begun taking piano lessons at eight and been attracted to grunge and heavy metal music, joining his first band, Darkchilde, in the eighth grade. By the time he began attending the University of South Carolina and majoring in computer science, however, he was looking for new musicians to play with. Geiger, also a native of Columbia, had played drums since his childhood and was a member of another local band, Celestian Slant. For James, who took up the bass after becoming enamored of the instrument at a David Lee Roth concert, the Nothing was his first band. The group added singer and club DJ Tony Byroads, who had grown up in Buffalo, NY, playing in a band called Final Wave in high school, then moved to Columbia after graduation.
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Intensity defines the driving, bottom-heavy sound and stirring melodies of this Columbia, South Carolina, four-piece. On the group's debut album, Crossfade originals like 'Starless,' 'Cold,' and 'So Far Away' combine indelible melodic hooks with the relentless power of the band's live sound; their carefully crafted arrangements lend depth and variety to such standout tracks as the confessional ballad 'Dead Skin.'

Integrity has guided Crossfade's progress at every step of the way. To follow their dreams, the musicians turned their backs on the cover-band syndrome, on parental expectations, and on the chance for well-paying careers outside music.

Independence is the spirit that led Crossfade to build and equip their own studio; to manage themselves for a time; and to produce and record their debut album themselves, with post-production by engineer/mixer Randy Staub. (His credits include sessions with Metallica, P.O.D., Nickelback and 3 Doors Down among others.)
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