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The Cross Canadian Ragweed is an alternative country band originated in Yukon, Oklahoma. It was formed in the year 1994 and comprises of the talented group of Cody Canada the guitarist, Randy Ragsdale the drummer, Grady Cross the guitarist and Jeremy Plato the bassist.Each of these musicians is terrific at playing his part to perfection and they also complement each other beautifully.

They released their debut album in the year 2001 titled "Highway 377" followed by "Live and Loud at the Wormy Dog Saloon" in 2001 and "Carney" in 2002.They released "Cross Canadian Ragweed" in 2002.This self titled album was also known as "Purple Album" due to the colour of the album cover.
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They had a huge fan following by now and their fans wouldn't mind waiting for hours together to get a glimpse of their stars and to hear the great music created by them. "Soul Gravy" was released in the year 2004 followed by "Garage" in 2005.All their albums have been well received and their fans look forward to each new release. With every new release and live concert their fan following has gone up by leaps and bounds. Their singles like ""Constantly", "Alabama", "Fightin' For" to name a few have been great hits.

The band create great music together and their live shows are spectacular events which provide great music and entertainment all in one. They play to packed houses at their live concerts. Leaving their fans totally mesmerized by the music that they get to hear.The tickets to the show are available on the internet and your stars are just a click away. You can now book your tickets online sitting in the comfort of your home. The show promises to be a memorable event and you could be witness to a spectacular event. Do not miss this great opportunity. Book your tickets NOW to watch your stars in action and be a part of a great experience. HURRY!!BOOK NOW!!
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