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Criss Angel has been a part of the Las Vegas lifestyle since A&E broadcast his show Criss Angel Mindfreak. On the program he amazed audiences with incredible tricks including levitation, making cars disappear, and cutting himself in half. The television program has led to the ultimate stage for an illusionist, the Las Vegas stage, where Criss Angel tickets are at hand to watch as one of the world’s best known magicians collaborates with one of the best known circus troupes in the world. The show is Believe and few of his many millions of fans can believe they can see him live at the Luxor Hotel and Casino at the main stage.

The current show is actually the second attempt by the two parties. Much like magic, sometimes it takes a few tries to master the trick. This second time Cirque du Soleil Criss Angel Believe has wisely scaled back its Cirque influence and dialed up its Angel influence. Magic is no longer secondary to set design and performers in the background. Instead, the illusion is the focus, at least until Criss decides to use sleight of hand or to distract the audience himself. Cirque still has a role in this show, and the role is to create the gothic atmosphere and setup the dark humor for which this mind freak is known. Maestro, Luigi, Slim, and Lars focus on clowning and setting up the tricks. In fact, this may be one of the few Cirque productions to actually have somewhat of a focus on the clowns instead of acrobats and aerialists.

Vegas Criss Angel tickets are always a big deal and these tix for the show at the Luxor are available for ages five and up, as the dark humor is sure to go over the kids’ heads. Those guests must be accompanied by an adult, so there is some sort of call for supervision during this 90-minute extravaganza. The Cirque du Soleil show is seen Tuesday through Saturday at 7:00 p.m. and on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at an additional 9:30 p.m. production.

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