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Today Courtney Love is one of the most acknowledged females in the music industry. Once married to Kurt Cobain, rock legend from the band Nirvana, now Courtney is recognized for her efforts in her very successful band "Hole". It wasn't all fun and games for Courtney, but her struggle up the road of success had paid of for her now in a big way. Courtney Love began her professional music career with a brief stint as the lead singer of Faith No More in the early 1980s. Love had more early success as an actress; appearing as the best friend of Nancy Spungen in Alex Cox's Sid Vicious biopic Sid and Nancy in 1986, and in Cox's Straight to Hell in 1987. Courntey also co-founded the all-female rock band Babes in Toyland with Kat Bjelland, but tensions between the two led to a quick exit from this band for Courtney. Love and a friend and musician Eric Erlandsen started the group "Hole" in the year 1989. Their debut album Pretty On The Inside was released in 1991, and their band was an underground success at first, but later became more popular. Her bands success grew and they became more popular. Courtney married Kurt Cobain, and they had one child. In 1994, Courtney and the rest of the world lost a great rock icon when Kurt committed suicide.
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Love has been a strong critic of the recording industry, especially the RIAA. She publicly announced her admiration for Napster which, at the time, was being accused of fostering illegal file-sharing In 2000. Soon she became known for her criticism of record companies' unfair contracts and mistreatment of artists. In 2003, Love pleaded not guilty to felony drug charges related to possession of painkillers. In February of 2004, an arrest warrant was issued for Love after she failed to appear at a preliminary hearing; the warrant was subsequently rescinded when she appeared in court on February 18. She released her first solo effort America's Sweetheart just eight days earlier on February 10. She has become one of the most popular female singers around today, due her multi-platinum record sales and being on the cover of Rolling Stone.
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