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Converge is a hardcore punk band based out of Salem, Massachusetts. The band is famous for playing a mix of extreme metal and hardcore since its inception in 1990. The group with lineup of Aaron Dalbec on Guitar, Jon DiGiorgio on Drums, Damon Bellorado on Drums, Stephen Brodsky on Bass, Jeff Feinburg on Guitar & Bass, Erik Ralston on Bass and Ryan Beitz on Lights / Tech , started with covers of hardcore, punk and heavy metal songs self-confessing themselves as "hardcore kids with leftover Slayer riffs". In a very short time, the band rose up to performing live performances in 1991 after recording some demos on a 4-track recorder.

Converge have relished relatively high levels of fame recently despite the cabalistic feel of their music and the lack of media attention. Gradually, their records have become more expensively and extensively produced, having shifted from the independent label Equal Vision Records to a bigger and mainstream punk label Epitaph Records.

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The current line up of Converge include Jacob Bannon on Vocals, Lyrics & Visuals, Kurt Ballou on Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion & Theremin, Nate Newton on Bass & Vocals and Ben Koller on Drums & Percussion. The lyrics of Converge, most of the time, tend to deal exclusively with gone away romantic relationships. All the songs are mainly based on a male's perspective. Harsh vocal style of shouts and screams are remarkable to Jacob Bannon leaving some exceptions which include the song "Albatross" where he sings clean. The musical style of Converge comprises complex guitar work and off-time poly rhythmic drumming.

The genre of Converge is always debated because of their wide musical range, breaking of traditional boundaries and willingness to move in new directions. Converge themselves avoid themselves to be classified into hardcore or metal, the genres they are closest to, and simply define their music as "aggressive music".

Converge's much awaited new album, No Heroes, was released on October 24, 2006. The review by Teemu Hakala (itch) on 2006-10-29 says "Converge has always had this some sort of supernatural proficiency to create masterpieces after another. From the stunning artworks to every fine detail of production, "No Heroes" is definitely one of the most important releases of 2006. The album was released on October 24th through Epitaph Records."