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Citizen Cope is a DJ, singer, keyboardist and a guitarist whose original name is Clarence Greenwood. He is also a record producer. Greenwood has started a band under the name Citizen Cope. In a very short time he has established himself as an excellent musician. You can book tickets for the the shows and concerts of Citizen Cope with Online Seats.

Clarence Greenwood was born in Memphis, Tennessee. At an early age he had developed liking for music. He once said "When I was a kid, I was a listener. Music was something coming out of a radio or off a record, something that made me feel these things I couldn't explain. It was magical to me, and I thought it was something you had to be ordained with."He began his career in music being a DJ with the group Bsaehead. Basehead is hip hop group which had great impact on the style of Greenwood. His music is a combination of many styles of music like R & B, blues, hip hop, folk, and rock.
In the late 90's he released his first demo tape entitled Cope Citizen. He contributed to many other movie soundtracks and compilations. He has also been seen in many albums of fellow artists.
In 2002 he released a self titled album 'Citizen Cope' with fourteen songs. The album was released on DreamWorks Records label. He did lot of touring for promoting the album. In 2002 Clarence Greenwood played at Arts Festival in Indio and Coachella Valley Music. The songs on 'Citizen Cope' were Mistaken Identity, Salvation, Theresa, Intro, Theresa Prelude, Mandy, Contact , Hands of the Saints, Comin' Back, If There's Love, 200,000 and Appetite.
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After the release of this album tensions between him and the Record label arose. As Greenwood that the album was not properly handled by the record. This left the DreamWorks Records. The next two records with which he worked were Arista Records and RCA Records.
In the September of 2004 he released ' The Clarence Greenwood Recordings ' which was his second recording.
' The Clarence Greenwood Recordings ' got him lot of critical acclaim. For the album he toured with a famous band Robert Randolph & the Family Band being their opening act. ' The Clarence Greenwood Recordings ' has eleven songs Pablo Picasso, D'Artagnan's Theme, Deep, My Way Home, Sideways , Hurricane Waters, Nite Becomes Day, Son's Gonna Rise, Penitentiary, Fame and Bullet and a Target.
He did lot of touring of the united States of America for the album. In the April of that year a song of his Son's Gonna Rise was seen in many movie and TV shows soundtrack. It also seen in a Pontiac commercial.
' Every Waking Moment' was released on 12th September, 2006. ' Every Waking Moment' was released with eleven songs Friendly Fire, John Lennon, Left for Dead, More Than It Seems, Back Together, Somehow, All Dressed Up, Every Waking Moment, 107°, Brother Lee, and Awe.

Clarence Greenwood did lot of hard work before achieving so mush success. He was once surrounded by many problems. He toured for sixteen months to be with his fans. Now recalling his experience he says "Out there for so long, it's a lonely existence, even when you're surrounded by people. You're away from the ones you love and it can be unsettling."

Clarence Greenwood is today a well known figure in the industry and among his fans thanks to the hard work he has been doing in creating superb music. Tickets for shows of Citizen Cope can be availed from Online Seats.
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