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If you are in the mood to hear some music that will make you make you tap your feet, snap your fingers and uplift you spiritually at the same time, then you need to get tickets to see Chris Tomlin live in concert. This visionary is on a mission to bring the glory of God back into the lives of all Christians through the power of his music. Hailed as one of the most important Christian musicians of this era, Tomlin will help you rediscover God and bring him back into your heart.

Unlike most Christian musicians and performers, Tomlin is on a mission. He sees himself as a vehicle for people to rediscover Jesus Christ and he is using that vehicle to the best of his ability, touring and recording his uplifting and highly spiritual songs and carrying them to the masses. Whether it is at a Passion event or an ordinary concert, the energy and enthusiasm of Tomlin will touch you like no other artist and lead you by the hand to the love of God.

Another thing that sets Tomlin apart from other musicians is the fact that he does not sing on a stage separated from the audience. Instead you will always find Tomlin standing along with the audience and singing with them, thus making the holy connection that much stronger. He is more than just a musician; he is a worship leader, taking the audience on a journey of self-realization through song.
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Jun 22 Thu 4:00 PM Kingsfest - Thursday Admission Kings Dominion Kingswood Amphitheatre
Doswell, VA
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Jun 24 Sat 8:00 AM Big Ticket Festival - Saturday Pass Otsego County Fairgrounds
Gaylord, MI
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Sep 6 Wed 7:30 PM Chris Tomlin Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, CO
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Tomlin is possibly one of the most important people in the modern worship of Christ through song. This is because Tomlin takes his influences from music we hear everyday but he gives them meaning with the powerful, life-altering lyrics he writes. In this way, his songs have appealed to millions of faithful Christians from all around the world. Tomlin is especially well known for his church choruses that have became tremendously popular in a number of large congregations. Tomlin has also had five songs in the CCLI Top 60 Chart and four in the Top 500.

All of Tomlin's music is a celebration of love and God but they are also honest and straightforward, always aiming straight for the soul. Some of his best known numbers are 'How Great is our God', 'Indescribable', 'We Fall Down' and 'Forever'. With these powerfully uplifting numbers, Tomlin hopes that you will realize the love of God in your life and accept Him and His glory as a part of your life's journey.

Come be uplifted by the glory of Jesus Christ through the music of Chris Tomlin- it's an experience of music and God's love that you will never forget. Get to your online ticket vendor today and order your tickets to see Chris Tomlin live in concert.

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