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If you are looking to get tickets to see a hard rocker and soulful grunge extraordinaire take the stage, then you need to get tickets to see the incredible Chris Cornell live in concert. With experience in some of the biggest bands on the planet's alternative scene and a plethora of hits that span a number of years, Cornell is probably one of the most important artists we have today on the alternative music scene. He is also one of the most hard-working, never fading into oblivion but constantly coming to the surface with more amazing songs.

Cornell had his first bitter taste of life early on with the divorce of his parents when he was young- this caused him to go into severe depression, a phase that included excessive drinking and extreme self-isolation. In fact at one point, Cornell did not leave the house at all for one year, a time during which he devoted himself wholeheartedly to playing the drums and guitar.

Cornell set out to make a name for himself in the music industry and first made an impression with the band Soundgarden, one of the biggest and harder rocking outfits of the grunge era with a number of huge hits to their name, including 'Black Hole Sun'. It was with Soundgarden that Cornell's stellar vocal abilities came to the fore. Voted number 12 in MTV's 22 Greatest Voices in Music, Cornell has an incredible range as well as amazing control over his voice, allowing him to effortlessly float into falsetto as well as belt out a note strongly, giving the impression that his baritone pitch is louder than it actually is. However Cornell would strain his vocals tremendously with Soundgarden and many of the band's shows had to be cancelled to avoid any permanent damage to his vocal chords.
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During Cornell's time with Soundgarden, he was also involved with members of Pearl Jam in the band Temple of The Dog- he also featured in work by Alice in Chains, Screaming Trees and on a Jimi Hendrix Tribute album. When Soundgarden parted ways, Cornell released a solo album with members of the band Eleven (now Queens of the Stone Age). The album was a musical masterpiece but did not do well in terms of sales. After meeting with the late and great Jeff Buckley who had a profound influence on Cornell's songwriting and vocal style, Cornell went on to front the band Audioslave.

Audioslave is possibly one of the hardest alternative rock outfits out there today and the reason pretty much lies in the line up- with ex-members of Rage Against the Machine backing him up, Cornell delivers the vocals for the band, which has gone on to secure tremendous international critical and commercial success with hit songs like 'Be Yourself', 'Don't Remind Me' and 'Like A Stone'.

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