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If you are looking for tickets to see some comedy that is free from obscenity and vulgar language and that manages to be spiritual and funny at the same time, then you need to get tickets to see the liberating and refreshing Chonda Pierce live! It is rare to find a stand-up comedian who will proudly proclaim to be Christian but Pierce is not only Christian, she is damn proud of it! Her comedy is a magical mix of inspiration and good clean humor that often gently pokes fun at the church.

So how did this all happen? Oddly enough Pierce's humor grew out of some of the hardest times and the greatest adversities. It is in inspiring to note that rather than give up on God and spirituality, Pierce was able to find peace within herself and as a result, she was able to heal. What makes her story even more incredible is that she was able to take that healing and turn it into something riotously funny that she could share with the world.

Pierce was born into a large family of six, the daughter of a Southern preacher. God and the church played an important part of her life but her father was also a manic depressive, a condition that played havoc with her family for many years. Things went from bad to worse after her sister was killed in a highway accident, after which her father packed his bags and left the family. Her brother had already married and moved away and tragedy would strike again when another sister would die of leukemia. In a matter of months, a loving family of six was reduced to two.
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Mar 11 Sun 7:00 PM Chonda Pierce Miller Theater - GA
Augusta, GA
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Pierce is very grateful to her mother for holding the two of them together and urging Pierce to find solace in God. But Pierce couldn't- after a phase of partying and clowning around, Pierce found God again after the birth of her first child. Pierce is now a proud mother of two and has a loving husband. She now takes care of her mother and has gained a large fan following for her brand of spiritual humor. Pierce is not only a very successful stand-up comedian, she is also a successful author and has appeared on stage with some of the biggest evangelists in the world like Billy Graham. She has also appeared on the Grand Ole Opry, the 700 Club and the Comic Belief Tour.

What better way to lighten your spirits and enlighten your soul with some clean, Christian humor from one of the topmost comics on the circuit today! Get ready to have some fun with Chonda Pierce- contact your online ticket vendor today and order your tickets to see Chonda Pierce live!
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