Chicago Blues Reunion Tickets for Sale

If you love the blues then its time to get your tickets to see a blues extravaganza like you've never seen it before- come get your tickets to see the Chicago Blues Reunion live in concert! This band of veteran blues artists has infused new life into the blues scene and has changed the direction of electric blues and rock and roll in the mainstream circuit.

Chicago Blues Reunion is a band consisting of Corky Seigel, Harvey Mandel, Tracey Nelson, Barry Goldberg, Nick Graventis and Sam Lay. Other musicians also join the line up from time to time. Each of these core members are renowned blues artists in their own right. Mandel, Goldberg and Graventis are all expert guitarists who truly make the instrument sing or weep according to their pleasure. Nelson's vocals are one of the most powerful instruments on the blues circuit today and the power and emotion she delivers with each number has to be heard live to be believed. Nobody can make the harmonica sizzle quite like Seigel and Lay is a maestro when it comes to banging out those beats.

Seeing just one of these blues legends live in concert is a rare treat but seeing them all on one stage, creating unforgettable music together is a once in a lifetime experience you just can't afford to miss. While Chicago Blues Reunion rocks the stage, you will see them sizzle and storm through some of the most daunting numbers in the history of blues but these guys are just having so much fun making music on stage that it's easy to forget the challenges of some of their songs. When it comes to blues-rock and electric blues, Chicago Blues Reunion just can't be beat.
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It is a sad thing to note that in the realm of blues, many of the non African-American contributors have been sidelined or forgotten over time. One must remember that if it hadn't been for the white blues enthusiasts of that time, blues would never have found a mainstream audience and would have been relegated to the backrooms of smoky clubs forever. In this respect, Chicago Blues Reunion reminds us of the white influence in blues and perhaps more importantly, it reminds us that to play really good, soul-searing blues, it doesn't matter what color you are.

Chicago Blues Reunion has been re-defining the sound of rock and blues since the 1960s and is still going strong today. No matter what kind of music you enjoy, you will definitely be blown away by the energy and power of Chicago Blues Reunion when they take to the stage. So don't wait- contact your online ticket vendor today and order your tickets to see Chicago Blues Reunion live in concert!