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Cheyenne Nichole Kimball is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from United States of America. Born on 27th July in 1990 in Texas she has been recipient of many awards since her childhood. At seven she had started to learn guitar and is today a renowned musician. When twelve she was the winner of America's Most Talented Kid. It is amazing to know that such a young singer has acquired so much at such a young age. The shows of Cheyenne Nichole are also very famous showcasing her immense talent. Buy tickets for the concerts of Cheyenne Nichole from Online Seats at low and affordable prices for premium seats.

Cheyenne Nichole was eight when she penned downed "All I Want Is You" her first song. She wrote the song after she said something unusual to her elder sister. For writing down the song she said " I remember writing it and hoping it would get me out of trouble. I haven't stopped writing songs or getting into trouble since." At nine Nichole without taking the permission of her parents enrolled herself at a club for a talent night. She recalls " My mom and dad weren't happy, but in the end they figured it might be a good thing because if I got on stage and hated it, I would stop asking for permission to busk on street corners in town."
Nichole before the age of twelve had already became a genius musician. She had wrote about 200 songs. She also played at many locations. In 2003 she won NBC's channel show "America's Most Talented Kid". Same year she was signed by Sony/Epic Records.
With Epic Records she sung lot of songs. She now became more passionate songwriter. She was the lucky one to learn from some greatest musician of rock genre and traveled to many cities.
On 11th July, 2006 she released her first album titled 'The Day Has Come' on Epic Records. The album was a huge hit with several successful songs. The album featured on Billboard charts 200 at 15th position. The first week of release was marked by sale of 40,000 copies with sales doubling in the coming weeks. All the songs were co-written by her. In all there were fifteen tracks on 'The Day Has Come' , The Day Has Come, Too Good for You, Good Go Bad, I Want To, Everything to Lose, Didn't I, Intro, Four Walls, Breaking Your Heart, Mr. Beautiful, Hanging On, Wonderful, One Original Thing, Full Circle, Hello Goodbye and Wonderful
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For her first album Cheyenne Nichole said "I hear a lot of people say that albums are like snapshots in time, but I think my album feels more like a movie because I see myself growing up in these songs."

A TV show of Nichole named " Cheyenne" comes on MTV, which started in America in 31st May, 2006. The show was also shown in Canada on 21st June. In October, 2006 she released her second song ' One Original Thing'.

Cheyenne Nichole and her family have shifted to Los Angeles leaving their hometown Frisco in Texas.
They have shifted so that it becomes more convenient for her to practice for her tours. Nichole says " Everyone in my family has always been supportive of what I do. The funny thing is a lot of people assume that my parents are the ones pushing me to make music. The truth is that I'm the one dragging them along on this crazy ride. They'd much rather have a normal life, but it doesn't look like that's in the cards."

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