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Some people foretell their future through their activities during their childhood. Such people earn a lot of reputation as they grow up.Chayanne is one among such people who have earned for themselves a reputation that others would love to follow. Multitude of followers prey on her concert tickets.

Chayanne was born on 28th June, 1968 as Elmer Figueroa de Arse in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. He is a Latin Pop singer. Figueroa started using his artistic name "Chayanne" when he was a small kid. Discouraged by the music group Menudo, because of his age, he didn't give up and waited for his chance to revenge. Luckily, he was chosen for Los Chicos, a new group that would compete with Menudo. This was the beginning of a career studded with millions stars.

He (as a part of his band) had a stint in Hollywood in a movie Coneccion Caribe that made him famous all over Latin America. The he moved to Mexico and stayed in the background for some years. In 1987, he came back with a bang with his first solo album the Spanish pop classic Fiesta En America. This success made him an instant teen idol all over Latin America once again. While touring each Spanish speaking country in 1989, he produced his second solo album, another smash hit, Tu Pirata Soy Yo with Sony Music. Next came "Este Ritmo Se Baila Asi" that rose the most important Latin charts. Furthermore, in 1989 came a second self-titled album with two significant hits, "Fiesta En America" and "Peligro De Amor." With such smashing performances, writing was on the wall, same year; he was nominated to a Grammy award for Best Latin Pop Performance.
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He moved to Miami, tied the knot with Marilisa Maronese and formed a family. With an experience of having acted as a child behind him, he stepped into his acting shoes once more, this time as an adult artist in a Mexican soap opera called Pobre Juventud, a few soap operas in Argentina, including Provocame, followed by Puerto Rican Tormento and Sombras Del Pasado. Finally getting a leading role in the movie Dance with me in 1998, playing a Cuban dancer along with Vanessa L. Williams. Some of his several songs that have been smashing hits are "Torero", "Salomé", "Boom Boom", "Atado A Tu Amor", "Enamorado", "No Te Preocupes Por Mi", "Caprichosa", "Y Tú Te Vas". He along with Ricky Martin is considered to be Puerto Rico's biggest teen idol ever. If this was not enough even the government has recognized his performance and named a highway, "PR-203" (that connects San Lorenzo with Gurabo) after Chayanne. Don't you wanna be a part of such a celebrated artists performances. To groove with Chayanne LIVE, contact your online ticket vendor now!

Te echo de menos (2006)
Contra Vientos Y Mareas (2005)
No Te Preocupes Por Mí (2005)
Sentada Aqui En Mi Alma (2004)
Torero (2004)
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