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Many of Charlotte Martin's songs are based on real life experiences, for example the song "I'm Normal, Please Date Me" is based on her true-life experience. Once she went for a date, but after sometime the guy didn't called her back. What she did was that she drove whole around the city looking for his car. Upon finding the car, she sat seething in her own car and wrote some lines during that time. All her songs displays an unforgettable flow of emotions that only make her fans want more and more.

According to, "Martin dramatically fingers her keyboard to lush orchestration from strings and delivers lines with...inspired conviction."

A list of studio albums and Live DVDs are Mystery, Magic & Seeds: an album written as a result of a friend's death, and her first foray into pop songwriting, One Girl Army: an EP was released independently. The masters for this record are now owned by her former label, RCA Records, Test-Drive Songs: a limited edition record containing eight tracks was released independently, In Parentheses: an EP was released on RCA Records containing four tracks, On Your Shore: first full-length release on a major label, RCA, Darkest Hour: studio recording, an EP, available on her summer tour 2005, Veins: studio recording, an EP, available on her fall tour 2005 and online; in stores 2006, Something Like A DVD (Limited Edition): live recording, a DVD, available May 1, 2006 via Musictoday, Stromata: studio recording, a CD, available September 12, 2006. Two digital singles were released on iTunes and other outlets in Summer 2006, containing four b-sides from the album, Something Like A DVD: live recording, a DVD, available in stores, 2007.

The album "Test-Drive Songs" was released in the year 2002. Tracks listing are Pretty Thing, Talk to Strangers, Lightblinde, The Girl I Left Behind, Many Rivers, Something Like a Hero, Last Day on Earth, Raven (Noodle Mix). The album "In Parentheses" was released in the year 2003. Tracks listing are Your Armor, In Parentheses, Pretty Thing, Monster. The album "On Your Shore" was released in the year 2004. Tracks listing are On Your Shore, Limits of Our Love, Your Armor, Every Time It Rains, Steel, Sweet Chariot, Madman, Up All Night, Haunted, Parade On, Something Like a Hero, Beautiful Life, Wild Horses. The album "Stromata" was released in the year 2006. Tracks listing are Stromata, Cut the Cord, Drip, Little Universe, Civilized, A Hopeless Attempt, Four Walls, Inch, Keep Me in Your Pocket, Pills, Just Before Dawn, Cardboard Ladders, The Dance, Redeemed.
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Charlotte Ann Martin was born and brought up in Charleston, Illinois. Several studio albums were a huge success which were critically acclaimed and was also successful in the mainstream. Charlotte is affectionately called by her fans as "CharMar". Recently, she appeared in KGRL in their Flower-powered Artist Of The Month. In the year 2004, she also featured in the WXPN new artist. She is also the favorite artist in Recently she released various "rarity" CDs, in selected shows. The CDs sparked some interes among her fans as it contained some materials which were not released earlier and some these materials are even hard to find in the market. One of the songs in the CD, "Cool Killer," was recorded at her home-recorded. In the background one can even hear Charlotte scolding her dog. The song "Glass Breaker" appears on the London Movie Soundtrack, the song was co-written and was recorded with The Crystal Method.

According to The Eagle, "Martin abstains from the structural clich├ęs that many songwriters succumb to and her innovation is something to be appreciated. Not every musician possesses her sonic fearlessness and can deliver it so seamlessly."
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