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If you're looking for some jazz, some country, some southern rock and even some fiddling all at the same concert, then all you need to do is get some tickets to see the irrepressible Charlie Daniels rattle up the stage! This guy has been rocking and rolling Southern Style since the fifties and he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. As a singer, songwriter, musician or political activist Daniels has made his mark on the music of today with a permanent marker.

Daniels' career as a musician began in the fifties when he seriously began to devote his time to writing and performing music. The revolution of the sixties hadn't exploded yet and Elvis was very much ruling the roost. A number of talented musicians were making serious music at the time and Daniels was lucky enough to be associated with most of them. He sold a song called 'It Hurts Me' to the King himself, Elvis Presley and worked as a session musician on three of Bob Dylan's albums.
It was only in the seventies that Daniels would break out and make a name for himself as an artist. His very first album was released in 1970 and in 1972 he scored his first hit single with the song 'Uneasy Rider' that came off of his Honey in the Rock album. In 1974, Daniels made a huge step in expressing his Southern pride by establishing the Volunteer Jam series of concerts. These concerts aimed to be the country/southern rock answer to Woodstock and are usually held in or around Nashville. The concerts have been hugely successful, running every year without fail barring a three year period in the eighties when no concerts took place.

Southern pride was something that Daniels took very seriously and this was aptly expressed in his next big hit 'The South's Gonna Do It Again' and with 'Long Haired Country Boy.' In 1979 he would win a Grammy for his song 'The Devil Went to Georgia'. Daniels would also release a number of successful gospel and Christian albums as well.

Apart from Southern pride, Daniels also takes his politics very seriously. He was a keen supporter of Jimmy Carter during the presidential election at that time and often expressed his political views through his music. The Iran hostage affair prompted him to pen the patriotic number 'In America' while 'Still in Saigon' spoke of the plight of Vietnam vets. Most recently, Daniels took a strong stand in support of George Bush's war on Iraq and his Iraq policy. While many celebrities were either vocally against it or prudently silent, Daniels published an open letter called Open Letter to the Hollywood Bunch. He also courted controversy with his single 'Simple Man' which seemingly advocated vigilantism.

Whatever your political leanings, you can count on Charlie Daniels to give you an earful of good music so get to your online ticket vendor right away and order your tickets to see Charlie Haden live in concert.


Charlie Daniels
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Honey in the Rock
Fire On The Mountain
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Saddle Tramp
High Lonesome
Midnight Wind
Volunteer Jam III and IV
Million Mile Reflections
Volunteer Jam VI
Full Moon
Volunteer Jam VII
A Decade of Hits
Me and The Boys
Powder Keg
Homesick Heroes
Simple Man
Christmas Time Down South
All-Time Greatest Hits
America, I Believe In You
The Door
Super Hits
Same Ol' Me
Steel Witness
The Roots Remain
Blues Hat
By The Light Of The Moon
Fiddle Fire: 25 Years of the CDB
Tailgate Party
Volunteer Jam/Classic Live Performances: Volume One
Volunteer Jam/Classic Live Performances: Volume Two
Road Dogs
How Sweet The Sound: 25 Favorite Hymns and Gospel Greats
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Freedom and Justice for All
A Carolina Christmas Carol
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