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Born on May 22, 1924 Charles Aznavour is a French-Armenian singer, songwriter and actor. His birth name was Shahnour Varenagh Aznavourian. Charles is perhaps the most famous, renowned and best known french music hall entertainer in the world. He is well known for his emotional, bitter and sweet songs he has written, composed and sung. His song's rhythm and lyrics seem to incarnate the gist of French popular song. Not only for songs but also he is famous for his appearances on screen in such wildly divergent fare such as in "Shoot the Piano Player", "Candy", and "The Tin Drum". Charles has been given the status as the representative French popular culture icon is something of an irony for a him. Its because Charles loves to identify himself most closely with his Armenian heritage. He has been known for his French root because of the fact that his family fled the threat of massacre by the Turks. His father was a singer and sometime-restaurateur. His mother was an actress and part-time seamstress. Being a child of artistic parents he was introduced to theater at a very young age. His father used to sing in a notably impassioned style. This style influenced Charles to a great extent and his approach to singing was highly inspired by his father's style. He started singing at the age of 9.

Despite having a ravening craving for music, he also had a serious halts and problems in growing up. Charles had a paralyzed vocal cord that gave his voice a raspy quality. He devoted much of his talent and energy into theater, making both his stage and screen debuts at age nine, in 1933, in the theater piece "Un Bon Petite Diable" and in the film "La Guerre des Gosses". He is often known by the name of "Frank Sinatra of France". Charles has got a taste of music dominating in love. Most of his songs are romantic. He has written musicals and more than a thousand songs, made more than one hundred records, and appeared in sixty movies. Aznavour sings in six languages including French, English, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian. The exposure towards such a variety of work and languages has helped him perform at Carnegie Hall and other major venues around the world.
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The breakthrough of Charles' career came in 1956, during a vaudeville engagement in Casablanca. The favorable reaction of the audience' gave Aznavour, a headliner status. This little success made him to avail the opportunities to find better engagements in France. He even had a recording contract by 1958. In the same year, 1958 He appeared in his screen debut in a dramatic role, playing an epileptic in George Franju's "La Tete Contre les Muirs". After this work he got opportunities to work with many big brand names including Jean Cocteau's Testament of Orpheus and Francois Truffaut's Shoot the Piano Player. "Shoot the Piano Player" turned Aznavour into a screen star in France and opened the way for his breakthrough in America. The live show "The World of Charles Aznavour" performed at the Ambassador Hotel in New York, drew him rave notices from audiences and critics alike.
After struggling for so many years, Charles finally had secured his first American LP release with the similarly titled album The World of Charles Aznavour on Reprise Records, the label founded and run by Frank Sinatra. Aznavour became a major achiever in the 1970s, in the United Kingdom where his song "She" attained the top rank of charts. Another song "Dance in the Old Fashioned Way" gained the same popularity. Aznavour has been helping his country Armenia, through his charity after the 1988 earthquake in Armenia .In central Yerevan on Abovian Street, there is square named after Charles Aznavour. In 1997, Aznavour was appointed as Officer of the "Légion d'honneur"Aznavour's nickname is "Charles Aznavoice", used both by critics and affectionately by some fans. Aznavour was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1996 & was awarded an honorary César. in 1997.
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