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All you punks and ska-heads, it's time to get your tickets to see one of the hottest ska/punk bands on the scene today, a band that has successfully broken a number of musical barriers and even found a loyal following among hardcore enthusiasts- it's time to get your tickets to see Catch 22 live in concert!

The band was formed way back in 1996 and is the perfect example of something big happening because the right people got together at the right time. Chris Greer and Tomas Kalnoky were budding musicians in their own right and happened to meet Kevin Gunther in a local music shop. The trio realized that they had a lot in common- they loved ska and punk music but were fed up with the stagnation on the punk and ska scenes at the time. The trio was convinced that they could offer something younger, fresher and more creative to local audiences. Roping in the talents of two more members Ryan Eldred and Jamie Egan, the band quickly found a very enthusiastic audience and realized they needed a name- they settled on the title of Joseph Heller's path-breaking novel Catch-22.
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Catch 22 is truly one of the few bands that can boast of selling out their demo album! With a large and loyal fan following behind them and the experience of doing a lot of gigging, the band managed to clinch a record deal with Victory, a label that mostly catered to hardcore bands. Catch 22 would go on to give the label one of their top selling albums.

Catch 22 released their critically acclaimed debut album Keasbey Nights and immediately began touring. However lead vocalist and guitarist Kalnoky decided that this life was not for him and opted out of the band, deciding to concentrate on school. The band was soon able to recruit some new members, including a member of the highly-acclaimed band Edna's Goldfish.

Don't miss your chance to see this energetic new band set the stage on fire with their signature brand of ska/punk fare! Contact your online ticket vendor now and order those tickets to see Catch 22 live in concert!

Keasbey Nights
Washed Up and Through the Ringer
Alone in a Crowd
Dinosaur Sounds
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