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Douglas Benson is the guitarist of Cash'd Out. Benson says, "I have been planning to put this band together for about 8 years. I had the voice but didn't know how to play guitar. So, my parents actually gave me a guitar for Christmas. Then I learned a few chords and practiced them everyday". After some time he moved to San Diego and decided to form a band. He put out an ad in the Reader. "I got a call from Kevin Manuel; he knew Bassist Sean Gilthero and we started jamming. Eight months after our first jam session we are playing shows all up and down the line. We love the support we've been getting from San Diego. It just goes to show that everyone loves The Man In Black." The next member is Sean Glithero was born and raised in San Diego and has wide experience in playing bass guitars. "I have been playing bass guitar in bands here for 20 years, including The Shmolmen, Shepherds, Junkee Muzik, Cardinal Jennings, Colorblind Allstars, Steppers, and currently with PsydeCar. My major bass influences range from Steve Harris and Gezzer Butler to Robbie Shakespeare and Flabba Holt. Over the past 15 years, I've been playing mostly reggae and traditional ska. I was turned on to hillbilly music by Kevin Manuel and fell in love with the old school boogie woogie." The next member is Kevin Manuel, who has been fans of Johnny Cash Songs, "I grew up on my parents Johnny Cash albums". He is influenced by Norm Stevens, Carl Perkins, and, of course, Luther Perkins and Bob Wooten. He has been playing with Glithero for a long time and wanted to form his own band. When he was given the opportunity he grabbed it. "I've played together with Sean Glithero in the Colorblind Allstars and Steppers rhythm section for however many years (10? 11? 12?). I have been trying to put together a hillbilly boogie band for a year or so and stumbled across Douglas Bennnnsonnnnnah and started this here Cash'd Out venture. I am dedicated to authenticity and blah blah blah."
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Nov 25 Sat 8:00 PM Cash'd Out Coach House - Capistrano
San Juan Capistrano, CA
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Cash'd Out was formed in the year 2004. Douglas Benson placed an ad in The Reader, because he wanted to form an band to pay tribute to the Man in Black, Johnny Cash. Kevin Manuel answered the ad and shortly they were joined by bassist, Sean Glithero. After that the band started practicing vigorously and learning every Cash song possible. The Cash'd Out did their first live performance in the year 2005. Their first live performance was successful and their authentic sounds were doing rounds in and around Southern California. Since then, the popularity of Cash'd Out' has been ever increasing.

Johnny Cash started his career in Memphis with "Hey Porter". He was known for his distinctive and deep voice and his dark features and dark clothing, that earned him the nickname "The Man in Black."The themes of music centers around redemption, sorrow and moral tribulation. He became the youngest person to be inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame and was the only performer who was selected for both the Country and Rock Music Hall of Fame. He was a very down-to-earth person. His signature songs are "I Walk the Line", "Folsom Prison Blues", "Ring of Fire", and "Man in Black". Apart from composing emotional songs, he was also known to compose humorous songs also. Some of his popular songs were "One Piece at a Time", "The One on the Right Is on the Left", and "A Boy Named Sue"; and also a rock-and-roll such as "Get Rhythm". He also composed a number of train-related songs such as "The Rock Island Line". In his his span of 50 years of career, he has sold over 50 million albums