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Carlos Vives was born in Santa Marta, Magdalena in 1961, where he spent his first 12 years of life. At that age, he and his family moved to Bogotá in search of a better life. There he acquired a taste for rock, and started playing in bars and cafés in the city, but quite never forgetting his Caribbean roots. At the same time, he simultaneously pursued an acting career, being remember in Colombia for the soap opera Gallito Ramírez (which told the story of a Colombian Caribbean coast boxer who falls in love with an uptight girl, who was portrayed by his first wife, Margarita Rosa de Francisco).

In 1989, he was offered an acting job in Puerto Rico, and upon moving, he took a break in his music career. There, he is remember for his leading roles in the soaps La Otra and Aventurera. There he married Hermelinda Gómez, his second wife (now separated).

Upon his return to Colombia in 1991, he was offered a TV role that would change his life forever. He was cast in the leading role of a fantasy series based in the life of Vallenato composer Rafael Escalona called, not surprisingly, Escalona. He sang the composer's songs in the series, and that's when he retools his career towards vallenato and its fusion with rock, pop and other Caribbean Colombian ethnic rhythms, which scandalized Vallenato purists.

In 1993, he released his "Clásicos de la Provincia", which became a timeless classic in Colombian and Latin American music, projecting Vallenato to the continental and worldwide scenario.

He followed his success with the not-as-successful but equally high quality releases "La Tierra del Olvido" (1995), "Tengo Fe" (1997), "El Amor de mi Tierra" (1999), "Déjame Entrar" (2001) and "El Rock de mi Pueblo" (2004), which has the largest fusion component of all his albums.
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He's now in a relationship with former beauty pageant queen Claudia Elena Vásquez, and has 2 children from his marriage with Hermelinda Gómez.

He spends his time between Miami and Colombia, mainly Santa Marta and Bogotá.

Before he graduated from Jorge Tadeo Lozano's University with a publicist degree, singer/songwriter Carlos Vives joined different bands and participated in several plays. In 1982, the artist got a role in the Colombian TV series Tiempo Sin Huella, starting his successful acting career, later extending his professional skills to the Puerto Rican television. After forming a band called La Provincia, the singer and guitarist began performing a local style known as Vallenato, successfully touring his native country and South America. In 1994, Carlos Vives' "La Gota Fria," became his first smash, climbing on the most important music charts around Latin America. In 1996, under the slogan of Unete A Los Locales (Join the Local Ones), the talented musician created his own label, called Gaira, to promote and give an incentive to local artists.

Rock period
Por Fuera y Por Dentro (1986)
No Podrás Escapar de Mí (1987)
Al Centro de la Cuidad (1989)

Vallenato/ethnic fusion period
Escalona (1991)
Escalona, Vol. II (1992)
Clasicos de la Provincia (1993)
La Tierra del Olvido (1995)
Tengo Fé (1997)
El Amor de Mi Tierra (1999)
Déjame Entrar (2001)
El Rock de Mi Pueblo(2004)
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