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Carlos Jones is considered to be the "iron-man" in the scenario of reggae music in Cleveland, Ohio. He started his career as the percussionist as well as the vocalist, with the band, I-Tal in the year 1970. The band has contributed much to the reggae musical scenario of Cleveland. During that period their were many local reggae band, but I-Tal are regarded as the forerunner in reggae. They used to perform in local clubs which were packed with crowds who wanted to listen to their unique, reggae sound influenced with rock. Their performance were compared with "Grateful Dead". Their music was rocking, accompanied by mystical rhythms and contained socio-political messages.

With the increase of the popularity, I-Tal started touring throughout mid-west and east coast. In 1981, the band also released one full LP "I-Tal". I-Tal are considered to be one of the first American reggae bands in the country. Because they gave the people the experience of first live reggae performance, their fame spread and found themselves booked with shows, performing in big clubs, colleges, and local festivals in the locality. Carlos remained the sideman for almost five years. He used to compose songs and had an onstage presence. In 1984, he formed a band called First Light, with some of the members of I-Tal. Carlos became the frontman and the main songwriter of the group. The group became quite popular and is characterized for its blend of music- rock, funk, blues and reggae and powerful stage presence and thus received the status of "rock star". They started performing in whole over the country and gained immense national popularity. Throughout the 90s, the band had a number of cult release, such as a 3-song EP on vinyl called "Musical Uprising" in 1985 and two full length CDs: "Meltdown" in 1987, and "Groove Telepathy" in 1994. In 1991, they released "Live at the Empire", and "The Official Bootleg", that were two cassette recordings.

Carlos Jones P.L.U.S. Band soulful renderings have made it one of the most popular band in the music scenario. The band maintains a very hectic schedule, performing gigs and performing shows almost every week.
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Carlos Jones P.L.U.S. Band was formed in the mid 90s, but during that time it was named as Strictly Roots, which was more inclined to acoustic. But later, the name of the band was changed to P.L.U.S, that stands for the Peace Love Unity Syndicate and is now more commonly known as The PLUS Band. Carlos continued performing in both the bands for quite some time. In the year 1998, when First light was dissolved, the band PLUS became his full-time pursuit. With the band he continues to propagate the message for unity, peace and consciousness to all those people who care to listen. He also released "Peace Love & Unity", which is a solo one that contains 14 songs. It was quite successful. The band released its first full length CD "Roots With Culture" in the year 2004.

"Full Circle, A Retrospective" was released on Little Fish Records, in the year 2000. During these few years Carlos and his PLUS band, Peace, Love, Unity Syndicate have grown up as musicians, songwriters and musicians. They have even won various awards in the category of "best world", "best reggae/ska", and "best live act" in the Cleveland Scene and Free Times Music Awards and most recently winning Free Times Award for best Ethnic/World Band. The band is popular for their energetic and rocking performances.
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