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Calico System was formed in St. Louis, Missouri and is a hardcore band. Presently, Calico System is signed up with Eulogy Recordings, record label. The band Calico System was formed in the year 1998 by a group of friends. All of them were from the St. Louis area. The Calico System doesn't concentrate not only on a particular genre of music, but is known to experiment with various different elements from metal & hardcore and then blending them with other genres such as punk, groovecore, emo, and many other different genres.
The band are known for their hard-work, after the members cemented their line-up, they composed songs and then they on their own released two EP's, which they did independently. The songs became quite popular. To promote the EPs, they conducted a number of independent tours. Their popularity have spread so much that they have also started performing for various other bands such as: Hatebreed, Poison the Well, Open Hand, Hopesfall, Finger Eleven, Candiria, Sworn Enemy, Codeseven, dredg, Chiodos, Love Hate Hero and many others.
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In the year 2005, Calico System released their new album, "They Live" which was released in the month of November. The album was a smashing hit. They even recorded a video for the single "They Live". The video was aired on MTV's Headbangers Ball. It became show stopper. The members of Calico System are Mark Owens as the vocalist, Justin Haltmar as the bassist, Shawn Keith as the guitarist, Rick Giordano as the guitarist, Erik Ramsier as the drummer. A list of their albums are "The Duplicated Memory" released in the year 2003, on Eulogy Recordings, They Live released in the year 2005, on Eulogy Recordings, Outside Are The Vultures released in the year 2007, on Eulogy Recordings. A list of videos are Running With Scissors and They Live. The album "The Duplicated Memory" was released in the year 2003. The tracks of the album are Love Will Kill All, Resilience in Time, Two Lovers and a Tower, Room With a View, Girl Named Vegas, It's Fair to Say, Soon I'll Be There, Blood of a Diary, Suicide Common, Soft Lips and Headstones. The album "They Live" was released in the year 2005. The tracks of the album are They Live, Running with Scissors, Venomous Lipstick, Ballad of Mr. Gachot, The Apparition, In Our Way, This Is Goodbye, A Heap of Broken Images, Ava Braun, Transforming the Amber.

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