Cake Tickets for Sale

Stridently from California's fertile Central Valley, this Sacramento band has attracted the kind of ecstatic response most newcomers only dream of and seasoned veterans justifiably envy. Based almost entirely on the strength of their live performances and on word of mouth, CAKE has built up a sizable following that is fast billowing out of the northern California region in a sort of reckless eastward expansion.

With the release of their new CD, MOTORCADE OF GENEROSITY, there is emerging a sound of non-negotiable high quality (not necessarily high fidelity); a juggernaut of true musical enjoyment, virtually unfettered by the uptight and unyieldingly narrow confines of genre and fad which make most music so disposable and landfills so plentiful. Yet this does not make CAKE "quirky" or "eclectic"--the band is dead-serious and is likely to inflict grave personal injury upon those who must lazily define anything not huge and lumbering monolithic as such. CAKE is bored with "alternative" rock and prefers a sound more decorous and economical. "CAKE doesn't ask you to suck its angst," writes Donnel Alexander of the San Francisco Bay Guardian.
Since CAKE views genre as essentially wasteful and divisive, the group has shared the bill with a wide variety of well-known entertainers including the Disposable Heroes Of Hiphopricy, Jonathan Richman, the Monks of Doom, the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, and Vomit Launch. CAKE is all-purpose and can bring stern exuberance if not serious enjoyment to even the most discriminating and/or self-conscious audience.

Cake is a band from Sacramento, California, formed in 1991. They have had several hits throughout the 1990s and 2000s from their five recorded albums. Although their music is often classified as alternative rock, Cake commonly combines multiple musical genres, such as funk, pop, jazz, rap, and country. Cake's music features droll lyrics rife with word play and syncopation (laconically-voiced in a rap-like style by lead vocalist/guitarist John McCrea), catchy distorted guitar riffs (courtesy, until 1998, of guitarist Greg Brown and, until 1997, bass player Victor Damiani), and a solo trumpet (played by Vince DiFiore). Their unique musical style has been compared to They Might Be Giants and the Talking Heads. Damiani left the band in 1997, replaced by Gabe Nelson. Greg Brown left in 1998, replaced by Xan McCurdy. Todd Roper left the band to focus on parenthood after recording Comfort Eagle.

Their biggest hits have included "The Distance", "Never There", "Sheep Go to Heaven", and "Short Skirt/Long Jacket", and an alternative retake of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive". Additionally, Cake headlined the Unlimited Sunshine Tour festival in the summer of 2002 among an eyebrow-raising eclectic mix of bands including indie rock superstars Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, De La Soul, Latin techno fusion band Kinky and bluegrass group The Hackensaw Boys. Cake's fifth album, Pressure Chief, was released on October 5, 2004.