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The Burden Brothers are from Dallas and they are rock band. The band was formed by singer Vaden Todd Lewis and drummer Patrick "Taz" Bentley. Lewis was formerly the member of Toadies and Patrick was formerly the member of Izzy Stradlin Band. Although Patrick has also played with Reverend Horton Heat and Tenderloin also. Later during a show they struck up friendship and decided to form their own band and named it Burden Brothers. Since all its members are from other Texas-based bands, as a result the band can be termed as a Texas rock supergroup. Presently, the band is signed to Kirtland Records. Recently, in the year 2006, they released their second album Mercy. In the year 2005, Casey Orr, the bassist of the band left, to tour with a reformed Rigor Mortis.

The former members of Burden Brothers are Casey Orr, as the bassist, presently touring with Rigor Mortis, formerly of Ministry, GWAR, Speedealer, Blohole, The Hellions, and X–Cops, Mark Hughes (Baboon) as the bassist, Mike Rudnicki (Baboon) as the guitar, Zach Blair (GWAR, Hagfish) as the guitar and Josh Daugherty (Pinkston, Earl) as the guitar. The current members are Vaden Todd Lewis as the vocalist and guitarist, Patrick "Taz" Bentley as the drummer, Corey Rozzoni (formerly of Clumsy) as the guitarist, Casey Hess (formerly of Doosu and Jump Rope Girls) as the guitarist and Zack Busby (formerly of Slow Roosevelt and Halls of the Machine) as the bassist.
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The tracks of Mercy that was released in the year 2006 are It's Time, Shine, Still, Everbody Is Easy, She's Not Home, Life Between, Trick Of Logic, Good Night From Chicago, I Am A Cancer, Daughter Of Science, Mercy, In My Sky, On Our Own, Oh, Cecilia, Liberated.

The tracks of Beautiful Night are Beautiful Night, Buried in Your Black Heart, Hang Your Head, Your Fault

The album Buried In Your Heart was released in the year 2003. The tracks of this album are Buried in Your Black Heart, Shadow, Beautiful Night, Come on Down, You're So God Damn Beautiful, If You're Going to Heaven, Do for Me, Walk Away, Your Fault, Conditional and Let It Go.

The album Queen O' Spades was released in the year 2002. The tracks in this album are Walk Away, Queen O' Spades, 400 Bucks, Walk (Very Far) Away, Queen O' Spaces [Clean] and 400 (More) Bucks [Version].

The Album Burden Brothers was released in the year 2002. The tracks are Beautiful Night, Buried in Your Black Heart, Hang Your Head and Rhapsody, Your Fault.

A list of their compilations and promos are Last Beat Records Promo (2002) that includes "Buried in Your Black Heart", Buzz-Oven Volume 5 (Buzz-Oven, 2002), that includes "Your Fault" and "Hang Your Head", Small, My Table (Innocent Words, 2002), it includes "Your Fault", Journeys Walking Music (Journeys, 2003), it includes "Beautiful Night", Last Beat Records Promo (2003), it includes "Buried in Your Black Heart", Buzz-Oven All Stars 2003 (Buzz-Oven), includes "If You're Going to Heaven", Buried in Your Black Heart release party CD (Kirtland, 2003), 99.5 KISS Rocks San Antonio (KISS-FM, 2004), includes "Beautiful Night", Summer Lovin' Volume 4 (KDGE-FM, 2004), it includes "Shadow (live)", Kirtland Records Compilation (2004), it includes "Beautiful Night" and the music video for "Shadow".

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