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Bullet for My Valentine has made their mission metal ever since the members banded together and decided to head out on stage together. Originally, Matthew Tuck (guitar and lead singer), Michael Padget (guitar), Nick Crandle (bass guitar), and Michael Thomas (drums) were music students at Bridgend College in Wales, but the four branched out to form a metal rock group that covered songs from Nirvana and Metallica. In a few years the foursome would find their own voice and begin selling Bullet for My Valentine tickets throughout the UK and then the U.S.

The group had a long way to go before learning to play for themselves rather than for the record companies. First Bullet for My Valentine wanted to follow the lead of Korn and Limp Bizkit, nu metal groups who fused the sounds of metal and hip hop. For five years the band played the music it thought others wanted to hear. In 2003, the same year Crandle left the group and Jason "Jay" James was brought in to replace him on bass, the group decided to make their own rode, whether it sold tickets and albums or not.

Those first few years were marked not only by an exploration of their own sound and genre, but also by a search for a name. Bullet for My Valentine was first called "12 Pints of My Girlfriends Blood. The members eventually changed it because they thought that the name would scare off main stream audiences. The revamped group took the name Jeff Killed John, but after its last attempt at nu metal, the band changed its name to Bullet for My Valentine to mark a new found belief in their own musical taste and new hold on their career.

Nirvana and Metallica still had a profound influence on Bullet for My Valentine. The band played for somewhere between six and ten months as they tried to create enough buzz to land a record deal. The first offer came from Roadrunner Records, but they waited until a more solid five-record deal came from Sony BMG, hoping the larger company would open more doors, sell more albums, and push more tickets.
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With the new deal in place Bullet for My Valentine recorded and released a self-titled EP in 2004 and a second EP, Hand of Blood, in 2005. The EPs led up to the release of their first album The Poison. The album opened to mixed reviews and encouraging record sales. The group could not hold a headlining tour on its own yet, but ran with groups like Rob Zombie, Guns N' Roses, and Funeral for a Friend and played in festivals like the Download Festivals.

The second album, Scream Aim Fire, was released in 2008 with a similar response from the critic, but with a resounding response from fans. The album opened at number four on the U.S. charts and number five on the UK charts. With two number one singles in the UK ("Scream Aim Fire" and "Hearts Burst into Fire"). The summer of 2008 Bullet for My Valentine will visit the tours that have built their fan base, but com the fall the group will sell tickets to their own headlining tour as the group takes on clubs in the U.S. and in Europe.

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