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Built to Spill is an American indie rock band that hails from Boise, Idaho. It's the catchy guitars hock and the unique and distinctive voice of the front man Dough Martsch, that makes the band so well known. Former Treepeople lead Doug Martsch formed Built to Spill in 1992 with Brett Netson and Ralf Youtz as the band's original members. In an interview with Spin magazine, Martsch made his intention clear that he palns to make alteration in the band's lineup for every album, with Martsch being the only permanent member. After the band's first album, Ultimate Alternative Wavers (1993), the lineup changing idea held true, as both Netson and Youtz were replaced by Brett Nelson (not Netson) and Andy Capps for 1994's There's Nothing Wrong With Love. A compilation album was released in 1996, under the tittle of The Normal Years, consisting of recordings by both the first and second trios. Juggling between recording albums in 1995, the band was gaining fame while playing on the Lollapalooza tour.

In the year 1995, the band made big deal when Martsch signed Built To Spill to the Warner Brothers label. Standing apart from the crowd, unlike many artists signed to major labels, however, the deal the band brokered with Warner allowed it to retain a large degree of creative control over future albums. With the year 1997, marked to be the year fro Built to Spill produced its first major label with Perfect From Now On. By this time, the band comprised of Martsch, Nelson, Netson, and Scott Plouf. Perfect From Now On was a encountered with critical success and thus making the band one of the United States' most recognizable indie rock bands. Continuing the success story with more of their albums that were as good as the previous one's. The band's fifth studio album, Ancient Melodies of the Future, was released in 2001. Martsch was also working on developing his solo career, and released Now You Know, a solo album with both blues and folk elements, in 2002. After 2002, the band was once again signed for a new album by Warner Bros.
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Feb 20 Tue 8:00 PM Built To Spill The Fillmore - San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
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Doug Martsch was so busy concentrating on his solo career and solo album, due to which the band was deprived form tours in 2002. But fro the next year,2003 to 2005, Built To Spill compensated the loss and was on intensive touring, extensively with over 150 live performances, playing new songs live as early as 2004. You In Reverse, was their first studio album in five years, to be released on April 11, 2006. The band's official lineup for the album featured Martsch, Nelson, Plouf, and Jim Roth, who was formerly a touring guitarist only. Former band member Brett Netson provided guitar work on several songs, Quasi's Sam Coomes provided keyboard work and Steve Lobdell , the owner of the Portland studio, plays on almost every song for the album including guitar, piano, vibes and percussion. Netson was back to the band as an official member in 2006 after touring with the band in 2005.

The band announced an April/May 2006 tour in February 2006 in support of You In Reverse. In late March 2006, however, frontman Doug Martsch suffered a detached retina and was subjected to surgery. The accident eventually resulted the band to cancel its appearance at the South by Southwest music festival and postpone several of their tour dates. Although the band has rescheduled the April and May tour dates in the fall, but most June dates on the West were not postponed. At their June 3, 2006 show, their first of the 2006 tour, Built To Spill played four unreleased songs that were not included on You In Reverse. This show also included the dedication of the song "Car" to former band member Andy Capps who had passed away a few weeks earlier. The band is currently touring the United States.
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