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Scotty Beshaers met up with Jason Roy at the final performances of Roy's All Too Familiar Band. The two decided to team up with Christian F├╝hrer to from a band that would perform Christian pop-rock music. The three decided to call their group Building 429 after Roy's wife's youth group based on Ephesians 4:29. Essentially the group would build on each other through the passage, saying something positive to build up one of the band members.

The group soon started touring 2000 with a strong 100 concerts and the first Building 420 CD selling with over 3,000 copies. In 2001 the group of three added a 2nd guitarist, Paul Bowden. The group quickly rose as stars with such a strong fan base and many commercial showings.

In 2002, the band released their second album, Preflight, featuring mixed recordings from their concert tours and acoustic demos. The record was only featured on tour and on their website. The additional album, Flight, was released just after with no artwork. The band finished the year by trading out Chris with Saul Johnson.

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The band hit the top with Glory Defined, set number 1 on Christian music charts in 2004, continuing to remain number one for months. "All You Ask Of Me" and "The Space In Between Us" hit the charts as well following Glory Defined. Space In Between was later released as a stand alone album, with major tours following with other Christian Rock bands.

In 2005 the band received four Dove Award nominations and also received the Gospel Music Association as the bands New Artist of the Year award. The group continued to tour and released an extended edition of Space In Between and two new albums for Glory Defined. The group added a third artist who filled in for Paul Bowden during an injury, who the later kept as an extra artist. The group left for the studio at the end of their tour to release Rise.

"Searching For a Savior," "Fearless," and "I Belong to You" became instant hits as the group took them into a heavier sound with similarities to their live performances. Hurry and check out your Building 429 tickets for their concert tour this season.

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