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In the year 1971, Stanley found a funk band named as the Butchwheat and the Hitchhikers. For almost five years he was leading the band and later on swicthed over to Zydeco. Buckwheat Zydeco supported Clifton Cherier,one of the legendary Zydeco artist. After that he started on his own and joined the Ils Sont Paris band who came out with their debut album, One for the Road in 1979. "Turning Point " and "Waiting for ma ya ya "in 1985. They were nominated for the Grammys too.

After that he signed on to Island Records where he released his first Zydeco act with a major label. He released, "On a night like this " and it was once again nominated for the Grammys.

During the 1990's Stanley begun changing labels as he started getting less popular commercially. The latest album of Stanley,"Jackpot"was released on June 7th,2005 in association with Tomorrow's recordings.
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Buckwheat Zydeco (born as Stanley Dural) is an American accordist and a performer
of Zydeco. He was born on November 14th,1947 in Louisiana. As a young child Stanley was a huge fan of Fat Domino and he always knew that one fine day he would step on to the musical scene in the future. Stanley was actually called as Joe by his family members but his close friends named him as Buckwheat. This is because his hair resembled one of the fictitious character and that became his nickname and continued so on.

Stanley's father was an accomplished accordion player who played the old time music of Zydeco. It had influences of black French-speaking Creoles of southwestern Louisiana. In fact the music that he played was meant more for relaxation that for playing in the clubs. The old time music of Zydeco was actually played using an accordion, a washboard and drums. The songs were sung only in Creole French.

The term Zydeco originated from the pronunciation of the french word meaning the snap beans. Thus Zydeco was a blend of Afro- Carribean tunes mixed along with a little bit of rock, soul, blues and country music along with the french rooted Carjun music. But Stanley was more interested in contemporary music and had showed little interest in his father's music. In fact it reached such a stage that sometimes Stanley's father even forbid him from playing popular songs on the piano throughout the year.

Even then his father could not stop Stanley from liking his favourite music while he was trying to get a a glimpse of his favourite star, Fat Domino performing live at the clubs. This sheer determination and passion for music made him highly successful in his musical career in the later years.
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