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There are artists and then there is Buckethead. He is one of the most mysterious, weird and enigmatic figures in the underground music scene. Despite his bizarre persona he is a very talented and gifted musician. He plays a wide array of instruments but is most famous for his emphatic command over the electric guitar.

Buckethead is one of the most modern innovators of the guitar. His guitar playing skills have made him famous all over the world. He was even rated by guitar one as the 8th fastest shredder in the world. His style of play is a stark reminiscence of artists like Yngwie Malmsteen, Adrian Belew, Slayer's Kerry King, P-Funk's Eddie Hazel, and avant-improv artist John Zorn's Scud-attack sax abuse. He was initially part of the San Francisco-based metal-funk band Deli Creeps.
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Sep 20 Wed 9:00 PM Buckethead Fox Theatre - Boulder
Boulder, CO
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Sep 21 Thu 8:00 PM Buckethead Black Sheep
Colorado Springs, CO
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Sep 22 Fri 9:00 PM Buckethead Aggie Theatre
Fort Collins, CO
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Sep 23 Sat 8:00 PM Buckethead Gothic Theatre
Englewood, CO
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Sep 24 Sun 10:00 PM Buckethead Belly Up
Aspen, CO
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Sep 26 Tue 8:00 PM Buckethead The Depot - Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City, UT
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Sep 28 Thu 8:00 PM Buckethead Egyptian Theatre - Boise
Boise, ID
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Sep 30 Sat 8:00 PM Buckethead Bing Crosby Theater
Spokane, WA
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Oct 1 Sun 8:00 PM Buckethead The Showbox
Seattle, WA
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Oct 3 Tue 8:00 PM Buckethead Revolution Hall - Portland
Portland, OR
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Oct 4 Wed 8:00 PM Buckethead Tower Theater - OR
Bend, OR
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Oct 5 Thu 7:30 PM Buckethead Wow Hall
Eugene, OR
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The band was a regional hit but couldn't carry their act forward. They soon disbanded and Bucket head became part of a slew of there bands like Deli Creeps, Cornbugs, Praxis, Cobra Strike, Buckethead, Primus and Guns N' Roses. But he has got far more recognition from his solo ventures. With the support of Zorn and Bill Laswell he has released some solo albums over the years. He has even toured and recorded with Laswell while he was the band Praxis.

Laswell turned producer for many of Buckethead's solo albums like Dreamatorium and Day of the Robot. He has also included Bubkethead in many one-off recordings with artists like Hakim Bey, Bootsy Collins, Anton Fier, Jonas Hellborg, and Bernie Worrell. The sounds and guitar play have even featured in a few motion picture tracks. Notable among these are Last Action Hero and Street Fighter. Buckethead released his album "Monsters and Robots," in 1999 and also played along with the reformed band Guns N' Roses. His latest release was Kaleidoscalp in 2005. If you are provoked and enticed by this enigmatic star, all you have to do is contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets now!


Kaleidoscalp - 2005
Monsters And Robots - 1999
Colma - 1998
Day Of The Robot - 1996
Giant Robot - 1994
Buckethead Land - 1992
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