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Bryan Ferry (born September 26, 1945 in Washington, County Durham) is a British singer, musician and songwriter who came to public prominence in the 1970s as lead vocalist with Roxy Music. He has since pursued a highly successful solo career.

Born into a working-class family, Ferry studied fine art at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne before becoming a pottery teacher in London, all the while aiming for a career in music. He formed Roxy Music with a group of friends and acquaintances, initially just Graham Simpson who, like Ferry, had been part of a band called The Gas Board. The Roxy Music line-up expanded to include Andy MacKay and his acquaintance Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera. Their first hit, "Virginia Plain", just missed topping the charts, and they followed up with several hit singles and albums, with Ferry as vocalist and occasional instrumentalist (he taught himself piano in his mid-twenties) and Eno contributing synthesizer backing. Their sartorial style heralded the beginning of the glam rock phenomenon.

By 1973, Ferry had launched a parallel solo career, specializing in cover versions of old standards on albums such as These Foolish Things. Eno soon left Roxy Music, leaving Ferry its undisputed leader. Ferry then began a relationship with model Jerry Hall, and Roxy's success waned as his solo career took off. (His solo album The Bride Stripped Bare contains references to his break-up with Hall, who left him for Mick Jagger.) After a couple of years as a solo artist, he re-formed the band and took them to new heights, the pinnacle of their success being their only UK number one hit, "Jealous Guy", released in tribute to John Lennon - ironically, the only one of their singles not written by Ferry.
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Ferry eventually settled down to married life with Lucy Helmore, and they had four sons, including Otis Ferry. He continued to record, and released albums that reached the UK top 10, such as Boys and Girls in 1985 (a number one album in Britain), Taxi (1993) and As Time Goes By (1999), a collection of 1930s standards. He even teamed up again with Brian Eno for Mamouna (1994) and its long-awaited follow-up Frantic (2002), which mixed Ferry originals with covers - something that Ferry hadn't attempted on a solo album since The Bride Stripped Bare 14 years before.

After lengthy ("debilitating") tours like the grueling schedule used to promote the Avalon album in 1983, Ferry was rather reluctant to return to life on the road; however, a change of management persuaded him to try touring again in 1988 to belatedly promote the previous year's BĂȘte Noire release; he spoke enthusiastically about the experience and repeated it for Mamouna in 1994/95. After another lengthy spell away, in 1999 he began to perform a mix of 1930s songs (from As Time Goes By) and songs of his own, including several from the Roxy collection. Surprisingly for anyone familiar with his 80s persona, so focused on intricate and ambitious studio work, Ferry has rarely been away from the stage since: there have been several tours, significant changes of personnel within his tour band and the largely successful reformation of Roxy Music as - so far - a live act, playing its repertoire to great acclaim. Ferry has admitted in interviews that all this might be a way of keeping his mind from other things, such as his divorce from his wife Lucy, granted in 2003.

In 1999 Bryan Ferry appeared with Alan Partridge (played by Steve Coogan) on BBC's Comic Relief. In 2004, he starred in the short film The Porter (

While his tenure as the front man for the legendary Roxy Music remained his towering achievement, singer Bryan Ferry also carved out a successful solo career which continued in the lush, sophisticated manner perfected on the group's final records. Born September 26, 1945 in Washington, England, Ferry, the son of a coal miner, began his musical career as a singer with the rock outfit the Banshees while studying art at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne under pop-conceptualist Richard Hamilton. He later joined the Gas Board, a soul group featuring bassist Graham Simpson; in 1970, Ferry and Simpson formed Roxy Music.
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