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Brother Ali, the popular hip-hop artist had some of the remarkable experiences during the course of his musical career. The artist entered the year 2003 with a bang with innumerable fan list. Rhymesayers which was produced during that year, was considered to be Ali's greatest hit album of the year. But, the album took some time before "Shadows on the Sun" released and made it big during that era. The star gained tremendous popularity around the world. This album was released by the producer Ant.

Ali considered the producer of the Rhymesayers as one of the best in the industry, with whom he has had lots of good experiences over the past years. His mere mention would bring a smile to Ali's face. Both, his producer Ant and Ali shared a chemistry which is incomparable, but would reflect in the kind of music they play for the audiences.
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Brother Ali is said to be a great songwriter, a rapper, and a strong live performer. All his characteristics as an artist makes him superior to other artists of that time. As for the producer Ant, Ali says that he is one of the best, music industry has ever had, because of his capability of making really dope beats.

Questions were raised at the talented artist regarding his further plans after the release of the album "Shadows On The Sun?". But, for the talented artist sky was the only limit to establish himself as the most dynamic artist of the music industry. The artist gave many powerful on stage performances around the world , making him one the best musicians worldwide.


Shadows On The Sun (2003)
Champion (2004)
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