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In 2004 a group of musicians came together in Sheffield that would become known as Bring Me the Horizon. Stealing a line from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to find its name, this group has found some success, releasing two albums and touring in the UK and the US. Bring Me the Horizon tickets have sold for headlining tours before and will again.

The band earned a following with a heavy tour schedule. They went on the road with a number of groups that simply could not make it. Bring Me the Horizon did, releasing a debut album, Count Your Blessings in 2006. The next year they sold Bring Me the Horizon tickets for a headlining tour in the UK and a small set of concert dates in the U.S.

While other groups completely disintegrated, this band remained remarkably intact. Lead singer Olivier Sykes, lead guitarist Lee Malia, bass guitarist Matt Kean, and drummer Matt Nicholas have been with the group from the beginning. Rhythm guitarist Curtis Ward left in 2009, and Bring Me the Horizon replaced him with Jona Weinhofen. Before Ward left, the group released its second album, Suicide Season.

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Suicide Season was released in 2008 and earned high praise from dedicated fans and much ire from the rest of the music community. The album brought them great success in the U.S., but also won the dubious honor for the worst album in a Rock Sounds readers' poll (though it also won the best album in another poll from the British music magazine). Similarly Kerrang! Gave them the 2008 award for best British Band but readers voted the group the worst band.

Bring Me the Horizon is nothing if not a polarizing force. Controversial allegations probably have much to do with that fact. In 2007 Sykes was accused of urinating on a female fan after the show.

The band is currently back in the studio working on a third album, to be released in the summer of 2010. The album will surely mean a tour, which means Bring Me the Horizon tickets will once again be available for headlining concert dates. Get those tickets from OnlineSeats and enjoy watching the pre-eminent metalcore band for cheap.

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