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Brett Butler was gift for the world of comedy on January 30, 1958, in Montgomery, Alabama. She is an American actress and stand-up comedian. Butler was the oldest of five sisters. Starting to work as a cocktail waitress before she experienced success as a stand-up comic, Brett has come a long way. One of the first notable appearances for Butler was on Dolly Parton's ill-fated 1987 variety series, Dolly. She appeared once with her stand-up act, and a second time in a skit with Parton. She was hired as a writer for the show after her appearances. Butler became an in-demand stand up comic in the late 80s and early 90s.

The good time started to roll after the success of Roseanne, when several comics were approached about developing and producing their own shows. The sitcom Grace Under Fire was created keeping in mind the Butler's persona and was seasoned from 1993-1998. the success if the sitcom was not only a good TRP but Butler was also received two Golden Globe nominations for her work on Grace Under Fire. As Grace Kelly in the ABC series "Grace Under Fire," Brett Butler was playing the role of a recently divorced mother of three facing the Perils of single parenthood. The show was produced by Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner, it was the same producing team responsible for such hits as "The Cosby Show" and "Roseanne," "Grace Under Fire" heads into a second season with a loyal and growing audience. Butler's portrayal of Grace, a sharp-tongued and resourceful survivor who works at an oil refinery by day, recently earned a People's Choice award for Favorite Female in a New Series, with the show itself honored as Favorite New Comedy. In 2000, two year following the end of Grace Under Fire, Butler was in news for being in the cast of a new sitcom pilot, called Homecoming Queen, produced by Tom Shadyac.
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The most recent role in which , Butler is seen giving her brilliant performance once again is her latest role in romantic comedy The Last Guy on Earth. Railing against life's inanities while embracing its absurdity, Brett Butler has seduced comedy audiences with a singular blend of candor, vulnerability and scathing Southern wit. It's her capability to shift swiftly and effortlessly from one role to the next from a challenger of social paradigms to a champion of self-actualization her perceptions filtered through a comic sensibility as dark and dense as a Georgia swamp. Fast-paced, extremely literate and sublimely on the mark, the woman who calls herself "a Socialist with a Gold Card" is herself gifted with the Midas Touch.

A child in her is always looking for some mischief, perhaps it is what satisfies Brett Butler most, leading others to abandon comfort for a worthwhile challenge. Had she been born in another time, Butler admits, "I'd probably be trying to out drink Dorothy Parker at the Algonquin Roundtable."

Exploring her ways other than the world of comedy, she has steeped into writing, Butler published her memoirs, Knee Deep in Paradise, in 1996. The book was started before attaining her celebrity status, and candidly addresses much of this time frame, ending the autobiography before Grace Under Fire's television debut. As every actors honor, she placed 87th in Comedy Central's list of the 100 greatest stand ups of all time. Butler guest-starred on a December 2005 episode of the sitcom My Name Is Earl, where she can been seen playing the role of Joy's deceitful mother. Its the baritone speaking voice that is Butler's most distinguishing characteristic.
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