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What do you get if you there is a musical manifestation of style, class, and grace? Well what you get Breaking Benjamin a grunge band that has roots in alternative metal. Truly a band of many parts, their music has limitless melody laced with abundant creativity; add to that a true blue vocal power and vision that is unyielding, you have the recipe for a remarkable band. In a nutshell Breaking Benjamin is one of the most underrated, yet has in its cusp the recipe to be one of the finest bands in the world. Their music is a unique blending of sounds ranging from Grunge Rock to Jazz to R&B to Techno to Pop and even Funk. They are on tour now, and might just be playing at a venue near you. This is you chance to listen to this great band live, so go get you tickets from your nearest ticket vendor NOW!

Guitarist Aaron Fink and bassist Mark James Klepaski's surprising and unexpected decision to leave Lifer, an alternative metal band signed to Universal and fast gaining commercial acceptance, in late 2000 surprised a lot of people in the music world.. The duo departed Life to join forces with drummer Jeremy Hummel and singer Ben Burnley to form Breaking Benjamin. This seemingly shocking decision was a testimonial to the faith that was reposed by the duo in Burnley's songwriting talents, so much so that they were willing to take a gamble and uproot themselves. Breaking Benjamin got started, in late 2000s with a four-man lineup that consisted Fink on lead guitar, Klepaski on bass, Hummel on drums and last but not the least Burnley on lead vocals, rhythm and guitar,. All four members of the band are from Wilkes-Barre, a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, thus their musical sensibilities matched to large extent, which is illustrated in their music.
Breaking Benjamin started performing around Wilkes-Barre, favoring a radio-friendly post-grunge approach that was forceful and aggressive yet melodic. The band's various influences include, among others, Bush, Live, Pearl Jam, the Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots. The music of the group is also inspired by the hard alternative rock of Korn However; they are just cetain aspects of Korn's sound that the Pennsylvanians do integrate; the sort of downtuned choppy guitars that are common in alterna-metal. But if you think that this means their sound has a lot in common with post-grunge bands like Cinema8, Creed, Default, and Third Eye Blind, then you have a surprise coming as they tend to be a bit heavier then those mentioned.

Breaking Benjamin's Wilkes-Barre gigs, saw them catching the attention of a local radio DJ named Freddie Fabbri, an on-air personality at alterna-rock station WBSX-FM. Fabbri who very judiciously put their song "Polyamorous" in rotation, and also financed the recording of , ‘Breaking Benjamin' their self-titled debut EP. Released in 2001, the album ended up selling about 2000 copies in and around Wilkes-Barre. In 2001 Breaking Benjamin signed with Hollywood Records, which got them together with Ulrich Wild (a busy producer/engineer who has worked with Stabbing Westward Powerman 5000,
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