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Background- One of the best fighters in the world and also has appeared in a number of music videos too, Winky Wright is a boxer to reckon.

An American boxer who is considered as one of the best fighters in the world and is feared by his competitor. Winky Wright or
Ronald Lamont "Winky" Wright was born on 26th November in the year 1971 in Washington, DC. This world famous boxer was the former Champion in the junior middleweight and presently is the contender for middleweight. He is known for his hitting his opponents fiercely with his left defensive hand, and quick jab, though he lacks the knockout power.

During his early years he fought 20 matches across three continents, in almost seven countries. His first big promoters were the French based Acaries brothers. They struck a deal with Wright to knock down Darryl Lattimore in Luxembourg on January in the year 1993. In the match Wright struck down Lattimore down three times, eventually the fight had to be stopped. After that during his tour throughout Europe, he won 8 matches straight in France, Germany, Monte Carlo, while fighting only one match in the United States over the next year. Wright notched up his first title match by defeating the WBA Light Middleweight titleholder Julio Cesar Vasquez in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France, in the year 1994. In the year 1995, Wright won the NABF Middleweight Championship by defeating Tony Marshall by an unanimous decision.
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In the year 1996, he floored Andrew Council, which was showed on the USA Network's Tuesday Night Fights. This impressive victory opened the door to fight WBO Light Middleweight champion Bronco McKart, which Wright won by split decision. After this victory, he relentlessly toured South Africa and England fighting and winning the matches. In the year 1999, he broke the deal with the Acaries brothers in 1999. He floored Derrick Graham in the third round in Miami, Florida. His first major fight was against the IBF Jr. Middleweight Champion Fernando Vargas, but the match was won by Vargas, which was a controversial majority decision. Nevertheless, throughout the year Wright continued to defend the NABF and also won the USBA Light Middleweight title when he knocked out Bronco McKart.

Wright fought his first match in Las Vegas on March 1, 2003 against Juan Carlos Candelo, defeating Candelo by an unanimous decision. Eight months later, he defeated Angel Hernandez in Las Vegas. In the year 2004 Shane Mosley challenged Winky to a Junior Middlweight Unification fight. Though the match was tough but it was quite interesting. Wright jabbed Mosley soundly and won the Ring Magazine Jr. middleweight championship of the world. He also became the division's first undisputed champion in 29 years, and also the first man to hold all the IBF, WBA, and WBC Jr. Middlweight titles one after the other. In the same year, in the month of November, a rematch took place. The fight was quite closed with one judge declaring the fight as draw, but two other judges scored 115-113 and gave the majority decision to Wright.

The following year Wright defeated Felix Trinidad by unanimous decision. After the fight Wright emerged as the top contender to challenge for the WBC middleweight championship. After this fight many has positioned Wright among the top two pound-for-pound boxers in the world, just behind Floyd Mayweather. After this fight, Trinidad went for permanent retirement and Wright established his own promotional boxing firm Winky Wright Promotions. In the year 2005, controversy rose during a fight against Taylor, where the match was declared draw. Wright walked out of the ring upset about the decision. When another rematch was announced, Wright said the every time it would be the same decision. In the year 2006, Wright defeated Ike Quartey

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