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For the longest time, the Boogie Knights were convinced that what they did was not "folk." Yes, they wrote and performed songs that covered the subjects of medieval history, the Renaissance, Arthurian legends, pirates, knights, dragons, and other assorted "fantasy" themes. Yes, they wrote both parody lyrics and original songs. Yes, they performed these same songs at science fiction conventions and local Renaissance festivals. However, as they used "popular" music and not real, honest-to-god, folk tunes written by blind eleventh-century Byzantine monks, some people ("folk purists?") turned up their noses at the Knights' brand of music. The members of the Knights then listened to some of their critics' songs and thought, "They're right, we're not folkers."
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Mar 1 Thu 10:00 PM The Boogie Knights The Canyon Santa Clarita
Valencia, CA
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Mar 17 Sat 10:00 PM Boogie Knights Canyon Club - CA
Agoura Hills, CA
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It only took them 19 years and a twelve-hour drive southward, but they've finally been accepted as folkers. The good people of Dragon*Con have embraced Boogie Knights to the point where they've gained favor after only two years of performances, and they have recently been invited in the same capacity to next year's Balticon. Why? An excellent question....
I'd like to think that it's because they're different. I would also like to think that their way of performing, using popular music from the past and present with a liberal dose of humor, is a breath of fresh air. There aren't many more folk singers out there these days. They have all faded away with time. Now a group is coming back into the mix.
"Needless to say, it's still fun; possibly even more fun now that we've achieved a certain following that we didn't have before -- other folkers. Watching other folkers break into uncontrollable laughter at our lyrics, or having them request one of our songs out of a songbook that they have purchased, is one of the greatest feelings around. Peer acceptance is all it's cracked up to be, and we hope to ride that wave for all it's worth. In fact peer acceptance was one of the driving forces that finally got us into the studio to record our first two CDs: Cavalier Attitude and Oh, the Horror! Now that we know there's a market niche for us, we may as well fill it." – Dave Keefer member of the Boogie Knights.
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