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Bobby brown is simply outrageous in his live performances. So tickets are hard to get. Get your tickets from an online ticket vendor. So don't wait just click to book your tickets now. Bobby brown known for his inventive work, is simply extraordinary in his live performances. He was one of the most popular R&B stars in the 80s & 90s.

Bobby brown was the man who changed the trend of melodious music to new jack swing, which contained a blend of classical soul. His music also contained hip-hop rhythms which included rap breaks in between the melodic verses and the choruses. Though Brown was not the inventor of new jack's, but he was the one who made it a hit everywhere. His album "Don't Be Cruel" proved to be a blockbuster success and with this success, new jack became a trend in the R&B in the start of the 90s

Afterwards his private life became more popular than his music, this time he was in the news for his marriage with Whitney Houston and then he followed to hit the news for a series of run-ins with the law. Also he was not able to record much music during this time.
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Bobby brown was born in Boston on 5 February 1969. He began singing with his Roxbury schoolmates in 1978. Along with Michael Bivins and Ricky Bell he formed a group named New Edition; the group won a couple of talent shows, until they were discovered by producer Maurice Starr. He signed them for his company, and soon they released their debut hit "Candy Girl". The hit album helped them get a deal with MCA. After a few years of viewing teen stardom, he decided to move towards an adult solo career. To pursue his solo career he left New Edition in 1986. In 1987, he released his first solo album "king Of Stage". The album didn't prove to bring him any glory at all. It was his album "Girlfriend" that did the work for him and registered him as a pop star.

He reunited with his teenage group New Edition after overcoming his drinking and drugs problems. The entered the charts with number one position with their album "Home Again". Meanwhile rumors started coming that he was having troubles with his spouse, but he and his wife always denied any such thing. Also in 1997, he released his next solo album "Forever", the album brought disappointment to him. He has to delay the work of his next album as he has to spend some nights in the jail in different incidents. In 2001 he suffered a seizure, resulting from heat exhaustion and dehydration. After all this he again came back in spot light for his duet with Ja Rule. Then again was captured by the cops for driving without a license after a routine stop for speeding.

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