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With these characteristics, Bobaflex rose to immense popularity. They also became the only band out of state, to headline the rock club of Columbus OH's the Alrosa Villa. Not only these, they are also co-headlining, consecutively for three years the largest independent rock festival, Woodshock in Ohio. In the festival they performed for almost 5,000 crowds. As Shaun McCoy says "It was crazy, the fans were buying everything we had, even the shirts off our backs". After several months the band continued to play out of state. After which they returned to West Virginia, only to find that they have been booked by 106.3FM's X-Fest. 106.3FM's X-Fest is one of the largest rock festival of West Virginia. The festival was being sponsored by WAMX, which is the largest commercial rock radio station in Huntington. In that festival they performed to a crowd of almost 12,000 and also shared the stage with Nickleback, Disturbed and many other popular bands. They are known to have played, consecutively for three years in the X-Fest, which made them occupy a permanent spot in the popular Locabazooka tour in the year 2002. In the tour they performed with Filter, Sevendust, and Mushroomhead and many other such bands. Throughout they year 2002, Bobaflex continued to tour, performing in more than 13 states. As Jerod Makin says, "It's been unbelievable, the response we get from the fans, they seem to come out of the woodwork night after night in markets that we had no idea they knew about us. It's been a very rewarding experience to meet and get to know them".

With the success of their tours and shows, the band released their second EP "Primitive Epic", that sold for more than 1,000 copies, in it's first four weeks. As Tommy Johnson himself admits, "The demand for a new release was incredible, our web site was blowing up, there were hundreds of postings in our guest book and message boards from people all over the country, it was easy to see that this was getting much bigger than any of us anticipated". After that they signed up with Eclipse and released the remix of "Primitive Epic", at the national level.

The band members are Thomas Johnson as the drummer, Mike Steele as the guitarist, Shaun McCoy as the lead vocalist and guitarist, Martin McCoy as the vocalist and guitarist and Jerod Mankin as the bassist.
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Apr 22 Sun 7:00 PM Bobaflex Route 20 Outhouse
Sturtevant, WI
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Apr 29 Sun 7:30 PM Bobaflex The Forge
Joliet, IL
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Bobaflex was formed by Martin and Shaun McCoy in 1998. The brothers are well-known for their ancestral rivalry between the Hatfields and the McCoys, that dates back in the 1880's. The rivalry had almost caused a war between West Virginia and Kentucky. But all those things are history. Their songs are characterized in an anthem style, while their live performances are full of energy, as a result of which they came to be known on the national level also. The band comprises of Marty McCoy, Shaun McCoy, Mike Steele, Jerod Makin, and Tommy Johnson. The members are known for their unique style of songwriting and are often compared new metal artists, including System of Down and Disturbed which is sometimes blended in such a way that shows the lyrical aggression of Wu-tang Clan, who were the pioneers of hip-hop and is also similar to the pioneers of rock and song structural elements as that of Queen.
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