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Bob Weir was born in the 1947. He was adopted by a California engineer, who was very well-off, in the suburb of Atherton. Due to undiagnosed dyslexia, he was expelled from the schools he attended. At the age of thirteen, after trying his hand at piano and trumpet, he started playing guitar. He came into contact with musicians like Jerry Garcia, New Riders on the Purple Sage founder David Nelson, and Jefferson Airplane guitarist Jorma Kaukonen. While he was in Fountain Valley School in Colarado, he was acquainted with John Perry Barlow and Robert Hunter, who later became the two main lyricists for the Grateful Dead.

It was in the year 1963, on a New Year's Eve, when Weir and his friend was walking in the back alleys of Palo Alto when they heard banjo music. So fascinated was Weir with the music that he started looking looking for the club that was playing the music. They then followed the music to its source. It was Dana Morgan's Music Store. Here he met a young man named Jerry Garcia, oblivious to the date was actually waiting for his students to arrive. Weir met Gracia and then they spent the whole night playing music together. They struck a chord together and then there they decided to form a band. First they named their band as Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions. Then they named it The Warlocks and later named it as the Grateful Dead.

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Weir used to play rhythm guitar and then in the late 70's he started experimenting with slide guitar techniques and till date he plays classic blues slide and uses his own rhythmic sensibility. The style with which he plays of guitar style is very unique and is strongly influenced by McCoy Tyner, the hard bop pianist. He was greatly influenced by John John Coltrane, the Rev. Gary Davis, and Igor Stravinsky as influences. He released his first solo album Ace in the year 1972 and it featured Weir backed by the rest of the Dead. He continued to play with the Grateful Dead, apart from it he was also invited to play in the Bay Area band Kingfish with friends Matt Kelly and Dave Torbert. Later, he also formed another band side by side, and named it Bobby & The Midnites.

Weir used to produce songs by blending American and the odd voicings he specialized in. At this time the health of the front man in Dead started deteriorating, Weir discovered that his rich baritone was increasingly the center of attention and also started developing a stage personality to go with it. In 1975, Weir toured and recorded with a number of groups. Weir's guitar style hardly works successfully without his partner Garcia and Lesh and he developed his style with specific response to the situation of the Grateful Dead. In 1987 he with his band Dead released the album In the Dark. Weir received a major setback in the year 1995, when Garcia died. Later he formed another band Ratdog Revue, which was shortened to Ratdog. With Ratdog he has performed almost 500 shows. Inaddition to his own songs, he also sometime sing the songs by Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry and Willie Dixon. Not only this, Wier also participated in the various reformations of the Grateful Dead's members, in the year 1998 and 2000. Ratdog released their first album Evening Moods in the year 2000. It received mixed reviews. In 2000, Ratdog released their first album, Evening Moods to mixed reviews. In 1998 as well as in the year 2000, Weir along with his band mates from Dead conducted a tour with Other Ones releasing a live album in 1999.

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