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Robert lane "Bob" Saget was born in Philadelphia, PA on 17th May 1956. He is Jewish American Actor and also a stand up comedian. His best remembered role is as "Danny Tanner" in "Full House". He started up as a stand up comedian in a comedy store. He has graduated from Temple University's Film school in 1978.While in college he, made a film " Through Adam's Eyes", for which he was awarded with a merit in Student's Academy Awards in 1977.

After college he started performing in small gigs and then he moved to New York in 1987 and became the co-host of "The Morning Program". Later that year he got his big chance as "Danny Tanner" in the TV serial "Full House", the role made him achieve nation wide fame and then he joined as the first host of "America's Funniest home Videos" in 1990 and stayed with the show for seven years. Now he works for the off-Broadway productions and also does a lot of stand up comedy shows.
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Mar 24 Sat 7:00 PM Bob Saget San Jose Improv
San Jose, CA
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Saget is also known for his raunchy, unabashedly vulgar jokes in his stand up comedy routines, but on the other hand he also portrays the image of mild and family person on television. He was also liked for his performance on the 2005 movie "the Aristocrats" and the performance has been acclaimed as one of the funniest performances ever. He has his name lauded as one of the "The Greatest Comedians of All Times" and also as one of the "The Worst Comedians of All times" as a result of his vulgar comedian nature.

In 2001, he tried his hands in another sitcom "Raising Dad" and was disappointed with the viewers response. He is currently busy acting on stage in New York and he also works as narrotor in another sitcom "How I Met Your Mother", which was launched Television on 19th September, 2005.

He married Sherri Kramer in 1982 and divorced her in 1997, he has three daughter's named - Aubrey, Lara and Jenny. His sister also died few years back, she was suffering from scleroderma. Inspired from her struggle against the disease, he also made a movie "For Hope", the movie was also directed by him. He also joined "Scleroderma Research Foundation" as the board member, the foundation is only organisation in the U.S.,which aims at finding a cure to the disease.

Saget surprised his fans by playing a bad boy in the season two episode of "Entourage", he played the charcter of neighbor of Vincent Chase.
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