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Bob Mould is 1980's one of the most prominent American musician who is not only a guitarist but also a vocalist and songwriter. Bob was born on 16th October 1960 in Malone, New York. He was one of the core members of 1980's hit band "Hüsker Dü". Since birth bob had bend towards music and played various instruments along with singing. It was in 1970 when Bob shifted his base to the Twin Cities to attend Macalester College. This was the time when Hüsker Dü noticed his caliber and soon he was invited to join the group. After his joining the band got the reputation as a speed-core punk band. Their whole effort was equally supported by the independent label SST. Soon Bob and his band members decided to breakthrough from the monotonous chain as he along with Grant Hart and Greg Norton moved into innovative post punk unit by adding a pinch of tuneful melodies to their explosive sound. This was the time when alternative rock was evolved and it's Bob who is credited for it. That's the reason behind their immense popularity and shortage of tickets to their concert.

In 1980's their popularity won them a prized contract with Warner Brothers. This was the deal which took them to places. But sadly this joy was limited as there were few problems which stirred the band. After releasing two albums the band got divided as there was big confusion between Mould and Hart. Soon this problem became public as both of them went in media to embarrass each other. But in 2005 they cleared everything and came back together on the stage for a charity concert. Now talking about Bob, his first album was released after the one year of their breakup. In 1989 Workbook avoided Bob's trademark wall-of-noise guitar for a stripped-down sound featuring acoustic guitars and cellos. And the same incident happened in 1991's when Black Sheets of Rain did the same with him by inviting Hüsker Dü instead of Bob. Furious Bob finally decided to start up his own band naming it "Sugar". Sugar then released two albums an EP and a B-sides collection. But his bad luck followed him as this band too got split.
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Then Bob decided to release his solo album in 1996 which was titled as The Last Dog and Pony Show. During his brief stay in New York, Bob toured various cities and also got the taste of dance and electronica. This huge influence was evident in his album "Modulate" which was released in 2005. In this album he juggled with electronica and also with the lyrics. This album won him mixed response as few critics tagged it as a complete dud. After this album he took a brief hibernation from the music and got into some other profession. For a succinct time he worked for WCW as a scriptwriter. Now according to the rumors he is gearing up for his new album which is slated in to release in 2006. In the mean time if he is touring your city then just get your tickets booked now so that you can enjoy his electrifying performance with loud music.

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