Aerosmith and Cheap Trick Tour 2012

Aerosmith and Cheap Trick will end 2012 playing together through November and December. Cheap Trick played with Aerosmith as the opener during the summer concert dates during the Global Warming Tour, but eventually the two famed groups from the 1970s had to end. Aerosmith was not going to stop headlining one of the biggest nostalgia tours of the summer and Cheap Trick had a few headlining gigs of their own.

Well, the weather has cooled the concert season is coming to an end and the road warriors find themselves on the same path again. This is not going to be like it was when these groups first met in the 1970s. Then they would take turns opening for a much bigger band. Well, Aerosmith is undoubtedly the bigger fish of the two, but Cheap Trick is not so small a fish they do not get any recognition. Officially, the concert tickets read Aerosmith and Aerosmith and Cheap Trick TourCheap Trick tickets.

If the fall concert series plays out just as it did during the summer, though one band is definitely going to be drawing more fans than other, the groups will mingle during the night. At times Steven Tyler and Brad Whitford of Aerosmith would join Cheap Trick to help with a hit like “I Want You To Want Me” and Rick Nielsen and Robin Zander would come to help “Walk This Way”. This kind of camaraderie makes this event something truly special.

Now, there is another reason the Aerosmith and Cheap Trick shows are not all about nostalgia is Aerosmith has a new album. Music from Another Dimension! Is due out on November 6, 2012 and will be the 15th studio album from these Boston rockers. It is the first album from the group in six years. Recorded last over the course of a year in between legs of the Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock Tour and personal projects, such as American Idol, the new material is going to get some stage time during the remainder of this tour. “Legendary Child”, “Lover A lot”, and “What Could Have Been Love” have reached the radio waves so far and they the likely additions to the set list.

The tour is nearing its end but there are still some Concerts left. Click Here to see what cities these two bands will be playing in for November and December of 2012. Don’t miss this tour!

They’re Back…Heidi and Spencer Want Back on the NBC Reality Show

Summer time fun has begun and the top twenty concert tours have been released based on top grosses per city here in the states. There are really no surprises especially with some of the big names touring this summer. Find your favorite and check them out this summer because more than likely they will be coming to your city. I will just rank them real quick for you to give you an idea.

1. Elton John and Billy Joel   6.Fleetwood Mac      11. Neil Young          16.Yanni Voices
2. Britney Spears                    7.Kenny Chesney     12.Lil’ Wayne             17.Celtic Woman  
3. Eagles                                  8.Nickelback              13.Motley Crue          18.Slipknot
4. Bruce Springsteen             9. Leonard Cohen     14. Jeff Dunham       19.New Kids
5. The Greatful Dead             10. Il Divo                     15.Kings of Leon       20.James Taylor

Here are just some gossip tidbits I wanted to share. First are you ready for this, the adorable little girl, Rubina Ali, from “Slumdog Millionaire” is writing her memoir. She is only 9 and luckily the book will not be about her rise to fame but rather her life growing up in Mumbai. If her reality is anything similar to the movie, I am sure it will be heart wrenching and gripping.  The book, “Slumdog Dreaming” is actually due out July 16. Something you will not want to miss Monday night…Heidi and Spencer Pratt return to the NBC reality show, “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”. After quitting 3 times and for some reason then wanting to return to the jungle, the two must spend the night in the “Lost Chamber” while the cast decides whether to vote them back in or out. I am sure NBC is praying to let them in. The ratings have never been so high with this crazy pair and their antics. They do seem perfect for each other. Do they not know that they are a spectacle… even Matt Lauer from the “Today Show” was making wise cracks about them during an interview with an NBC guy in regards to the show.  Only moments into the chamber, Spencer starts crying for a medic saying he dislocated his thumb. The medic says basically can you move it? Spencer says yes and the medic tells him to get over it he is fine.  They are a couple of babies and to watch them you just do not want to believe they are really like they are and then you also can not watch them to long without wanting to rip your own eyeballs out. Like I said you won’t want to miss Monday’s episode or maybe actually you do. Congratulations to Lance Armstrong and his girlfriend, who welcomed a new baby boy into the world, Max Armstrong, who weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces and 20 inches long. 

How bizarre are all the conflicting stories on the shocking death of actor David Carradine? So first the police suspected suicide, but Carradine’s people are insisting that is not the case. He was in Thailand filming the movie “Stretch” and had 3 more movies scheduled for when he returned. His people say, “He was too full of life” to kill himself.  Originally it looked like he hanged himself but the police do admit  that is looks suspicious. Right now the case is under investigation and at this point the police just do not know yet what happened.