Bill O’Reilly Loves A Good Fight

Bill O’Reilly is back in the news and he is fighting mad. I know, big surprise. He has found his latest Hollywood victim to attack and that actor is Sean Penn. O’Reilly is so outraged by Penn’s political views he has publicly said he will not see any of his movies. In no way is he paying out his $10 to support any project that Penn is involved in. And in fact with all the squabbles and disagreements he has had with the stars over the years, Sean Penn is the only one he feels mostly strongly about and he is boycotting all of his movies and projects. O’ Reilly cannot understand why Penn would “give aid and comfort to people like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran’s President), Hugo Chavez and Saddam Hussein, when he was alive”.  Like Bill says it is his right and his choice and he is not telling anyone to do the same but this is just how he feels about it. O’Reilly feels that someone has to be the watchdog over the Hollywood celebs that use their star power as a forum to share their beliefs. In the past O’Reilly has clashed with both Bruce Springsteen and George Clooney as well. He calls the celebs out and wants to just know what they are doing. That is what he did with George Clooney when it came to some information about some 9/11 Charities and Bruce for talking politics at his concerts. There must be some folks out there who approve of Bill and this policing actions because his show “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News is about to mark its 100th consecutive month for being the #1 rated cable news show. I agree, if you love the yelling and listening to Bill talk over everyone this is a great show.

Grey’s Anatomy and Katherine Heigl are giving me a headache. The latest reports that have surfaced are now saying that she wants to stay on the hit show if Shonda Rhimes the creator will have her. Stay, go stay, go…make up your mind already. I swear these actors who want out of their contracts to seek other opportunities drive me crazy. And now Izzie, Heigls character, is dealing with cancer that has only a 5% survival rate. Hmmm…will she live or die? I don’t know and she says neither does she at this point. All I know is that I am a big fan but please don’t take us down this depressing road. We love our Grey’s friends and want a 1 hour getaway to enjoy them not a depressing tear jerker wracked with cancer and chemo.

And on a lighter note what could be happier news then New Kids on the Block announcing dates for their summer tour. The US leg of the tour will kick off in Atlanta on May 28th and girls are you ready for this? The guys will have some special VIP packages available where you will be able to not only go backstage but have BBQ’s with the boys. Does it get any better than that??? IF you are so inclined there all seem to be a few seats left on the cruise the boys will be working on that leaves for the Bahamas on May 15th.  So get ready America, the New Kids are here again.